Black a Movie by Bhansali

Well after a long time a movie called black which meets the international standards is made .totally meant  keeping Oscar in mind as the girl family r Christians and the Jesus factor is often highlighted .this movie will make u laugh and cry if seen in theaters.

Yaa one more thing I noticed out is that  this is the movie he devoted to his father (bhansali) otherwise he uses only his mothers name leela bhansali .
Well after seeing the movie u might start feeling like u should donate your eyes . this movie shows the pain and grief of  being handicap so  deeply…..
Acting wise I believe nothing better could be done even the little girl is simply excellent
Lots of experimenting with hairstyle with 2 parts of rani  a completely different look overall. In promos at first sight it was difficult to recognize rani. Makeup man is too good naa. The old amithab …
Hmm this movie could also be called as black and white as lots of white is also used
yep showing black screen  on one hand enhances the effect and on other shows hw Mr. bhansali has saved light
photography as well as camera directions r too good the complete royal wooden sets make u  get feel of the time.
Mr. devraj the man the teacher whose whole sole aim becomes to teach the girl make her self dependent and the moment he finds she is growing more self dependent his medical trouble starts. And the way her sister feels neglected becoz of  her is also so natural.yaa I heard that mishels sister is amritya sens daughter looked pretty.

Download or watch online from

OK  I think it more than enough fr the movie but still too optimistic one. After all rani “pappu paas ho gaya” soo “kuch meetha ho gaye”
Byee fr now till some new blacks nd whites


have a great day and great life


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