Kool kollywood of chennai & TN

)And people Blame Me)Kool Kollywood makes one think what after all theis kollywood all about but this some thing which cant go unignored when you think of chennai.

Important thing about chennai and complete tamilnadu is the cinema here “the kollywood” hey don’t ask me about the significance of the name that I also didn’t got that yet. But yes one thing sure people are really fond of the TN movies here they can do any thing for their stars. Some of u might be aware about the famous south star khushbu who had a temple here.[U too might get an opportunity to visit that with all lakshmi temples 🙂 ]Here some movies are especially exempted of entertainment taxya!! rajnikant the super star here when his movies are released “bali of a goat is given” and complete rituals (dances,aratis) people with tilak and doodh ka abhishek(milk bath)are followed at the premiere of the movie.(some other stars also have this big fanclub)People are ready to burn them selves for the superstars and yes these super stars have super hearts too. They donate huge amount for their fans.yoo $$$in movies which are emotional hankies are distributed with tickets 😦 .(easy way for us to earn hanky)Hey don’t think that i am creating stories these things come out from the collogues of chennai who generally go to watch movies.Looking at the scenario they don’t go within first few days.(so they sometimes loose hanky)

WhenStamina is one thing, which these south Indian stars can be, admired for whatever be their weight & age they dance and jump more than any bollywood star :-o. hey from now onwards no scolding to Govinda.Still in some movies rajnikant acted as hero danced and the movies were hit here. Such is the fan club here.

And in fight scenes too they may fight with all newtons law of motion .Thanks god Newton is not alive else he would have fainted seeing heros doing rotatiory motion in sky etc
One analysis (undoubtedly copyright of mine ) says that:- because of lots of rice though people get fatty but at the same time they become light weight like gas balloon @@@      :-O thats why they are able to do break dances on all the songs.Mind u they can jump really high haa 🙂
we talk about acting we can’t question there this talent. Most of them are good actors/actresses .how can we forget the great actors south has given to Hindi cinema. Regarding stories of movies they(Kollywood) are the first to copy from Hollywood and indianize (tamilize)them .Please from now onwards blame bollywood for copying things from kollywood (because we convert the tamil version for rest of india)not Hollywood .
here I & Tamilians can take the privilege to view the original tamil version of “nayak”,”hum apke dil me rahte hai”‘”RHTDM”,sathiya these are the movies I saw but u very well know that list doesn’t ends here.
This is one among the reasons I could rarely ask people here to see any Hindi movie. Because most of our Hindi movies are already seen by them in tamil that to before the release of our Hindi movies
tamil music is really rich it has all shades and we can very easily find similarity with our music .(most of our(bollywood) music is copied from them)Here movies give high importance to special effects.(remember “nayak”s few songs)there are many like that here.i think TN likes fantasy
KOllywood is doing great business here.
Tamil movie business is highest in regional movie section. Nearer to bollywood.One very basic and logical reason behind that is that Tamil Nadu people are stuck to tamil while in other states people know hindi too.so Hindi movies snatch their market (one disadvantage of globalization)but here we have hole sole monopoly of tamils. So English movie ought to be dubbed in Tamil and then released in theaters to fully get the business. Can u imagine TITANIC IN TAMIL. That’s really funny I have seen it only for 10 min (on TV) but it made me laugh hilariously.
Ok u want to say u are not that big fan of hero s here to attend their arti a royal way is available for u to have pandents & rings of your favorite stars in silver and gold. Easily available in gold showrooms.
Hey if u still don’t believe that this happens in metro like chennai then come any time and enjoy the premiere of the movie. But looking to the situation u have to ask Your chennai/Tamil nadu mates beforehand so that They can arrange few tickets for u to stand and see people doing artis by putting kapoor (camphor) in their hands.
So dear friends this chennai darshan has really become the longer one.hope u didn’t got bored while reading the long mail on kollywood.Your comments on this chennai kool kolliywood darshan are cordially invited .I will truly like to hear what u liked and disliked about this.

NOTE: this article is not written to hurt any personnel feeling of yours.if by chance it does then please consider it as mere coincidence.
till next one

This is creative kriti:-)



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