KBC and our massaging Sharukh

so finally the brand new KBC is on our buddhu box.(sharukh is out of the box) srk gave the new  birth of kbc he is the one who is going to step in the feet of Big B so Sharukh  becomes the obvious answer after don he is there on  TV for kbc.This is not the first time he will be coming on the small screen but still this time he has become the King Khan. and that’s why the channel has paid him much more then Big B.Let’s start from the interesting add made to campaign Sharukh ‘Kuch sawal zindagi badal sakte hai’ and a cute kid asking and answering cute questions makes one to hold the remote for a while to look at the kid and his innocent questions. Or a funny rap by him.But when I saw the KBC with Sharukh I don’t know why(I think I know) 😉 I feel that he is copying Big B weather it be the way of sitting or be it the  way of using hands while asking fastest finger questions  

Surely Sharukh Is inviting the young fan following the ladies who were not able to propose Amitabh are now proposing Sharukh. And srk is also utilizing Gauri fully to add fun in the serial. What’s different abt Sharukh§      He uses his movie names (in all possible ways)§      He calls computer ji as Mr computer and Mr Compaq(he is in the add of brand)§      He gives funny names to ppl§      He gives hugs and massages to people. 

Any ways how serial will go that only time will tell ,but what I and ppl around me feel it’s a good come back for kbc after long time and a different feel with Sharukh. Too.So if u get chance to get in the new verson of KBC go and enjoy with 2 core and Sharukh massage J 



Guru bhai guru bhai aviyo che The movie was released in Tamil as well and the right time engagement of Ash and  Abhi has given the movie a special hype too.How planned are the things in all these woods weather be bolly,holly or kolly J 

Ok leaving the other comments apart lets check it out fr the movie GURU 

In short acting wise all of them were good infact very good  Mithun, Vidhya Balan or Madhavan they all make a strong impact on the public. Infact vidhya balan and madhavans short and sweet  love story leaves a mark in ppls heart .

For Abhishek Bachhan the first half of the movie is good but in second half he is looking much more older then he should be.

In Toto mani has still given a southindian impact to the gujju family The song when guru and his wife are separate reminds u of
Bombay manisha koiyarala some where .kahna hi kya …
Every where the heroine is doing bharatnattayam instead of garba J.The mood change of public by songs and all is done fine.hey but every where they found a new word in the songs like maiyaa maiyaa (mallika sheravat) Is mani  trying to hold the pride to be new Shakespeare of Hindi cinema.Though the movie has lot to tell and has tried to explain it all as well .but what abt how he really became the business tycoon. but the good part is that movie runs at  faster pace.And since the movie was abt him so he has to be declared as hero 😉 which he was. 

What I missed till end :-MihunDa’s cap nd dog ,gurus father mother and relatives. In our country ppl firstly bring their parents and family to them at first so where are they. 

Fun eliment :-I really pity on the young girls og Guru bhai who would have proudly told all their family and friends abt their debut movie but were not even showed in screen for a while.But a good camera work and pasteurization with the fast moving story makes the movie different and worth watching fr all.Some good concepts of behavioral aspects are also hidden in the bag of movie .Till any new movie I watch enjoy this review and give
ur comments on the movie.


I know iam too late to say abt this but what to say now only I was able to accumulate the courage to watch the movie.

A  movie with a great star cast and good great deal of working ppl . “ a man who left all relations to make the one” this gave a wonderful impression that it must be some thing abt Salman Khan if nt then john and at last it may be Rani Mukharji

But the thought that it may be Amitab Bachhan never came to my mind even once. And it is for Amitabh Bachhan.(how stupid of me the title is babul~ father.

So in one line about the movie 😀

One was suraj’s VIvah and this is Vidhva vivah. One more word it is a tear junction box 😦

After Bagban Hema and amitabh have set high standards fr themselves which they were not able to touch in the movie.Acting wise its ok but to say regarding the camera work u may find it similar to the serials so it was not a big screen work which makes the movie least effective .the character portray was very weak ,in short weather it be rani or the salman they are big bore characters ,nothing interesting abt the john either. he comes in the movie just to sing songs and be a dummy baby. pathetic.

The humor which could have been well created by the medium of the cute looking kid was also some thing we terribly missed.

In short I will prefer to watch daily soap more than the movie.

Aish and abhishek got engaged

And finally the cat is out of the bagBollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan “the most eligible bachelor film star” till L14 Jan  because now he is hooked and booked by  Aishwarya Rai on Sunday night. as they  got engaged to each other at a quiet ceremony in Mumbai. The engagement between Abhishek, who turns 31 on February 5 next, and 33-year-old Aishwarya, was held at the residence of the Bachchans in suburban Juhu 

 I mean after all they got engaged after so many yes and no in their lifes Why not Aishwarya?many of the well-wishers(including me) I know wished this shouldn’t have happened any one in this world but not aishWhy not because they all have too many good reasons behind that


§       She is of use and dump types(history tells)§       She is too plastic

§       She is highly diplomatic and elder To Ab baby  are the most common comments of all .

And why not Aishwarya!!!

as far as looking to her professional profile she is quite a good choice after all she at the age of 33 have a statue of Wax in London’s prestigious Madame Tussauds Wax museum which in the nation only few have the pride to hold .

she has a entire product range on her name (recently launched a lipistic on her name) and  can Jr. bachhan have this pride 🙂

She comes in the 26top sexiest stars of the world. She is the miss World and winner of many awards which Junior Bachchan have yet to receive.And at personel level most of us don’t know either of them .so lets leave the couple alone and enjoy the engagement till some next sizzling news comes about them.


Ye hai Meri kundli teri jaan

grasit from Karam apna apnaSame concept from 8 to 10

I m not able to understand that is tv media is lagging in the ideas or due to channel war they want to prove that they can do better on same topic on all channels as well

After the repetition of  the concept of ‘Betiaya’ on star one and zee the latest one is Kundli dosh  ..

The world is going ahead with techie ideas and our Indian serials are pulling back people to the superstitions that not in one chanel or in one serial ,4 channels and in 4 serials.

The mentioned serials are making ppl to believe that the horoscopes can take life of
ur life partners as well.

I do belive in horiscoppes and in some cases this might be true but the probability theses channels are offering is quite high and heavy dose.

Just have a look on the chart below.

Time Slot Name of Serial Channel Life span of life partner due to the DEFAULTER kundli




Just short life


Saathi re

Star one



wo rahne waali mahlo ki

Sahara one

40 days

9.30 karam apna apna Star 8 months

These 4 serials are based on the same concept that the life partner will die after certain

time period due to the Dosh in kundli (horoscope)and one among them has found an interesting name also for it THE CHADTI NAGIN DOSH 😉

the Grasit,doshi and VO of Sathi Re



The common factor I mean the fear factor for all :-

§      All the doshi people (I mean people having that dosh in kundli ) are too good by nature.

§      All doshi people have a love life simultaneously

§      All grasit (affected) people are madly in love with the doshi people.

§      All grasit people are ready to do any thing fr the doshi people

§      All grasit people are simply the reincarnation of  various Gods not told in story but they act like so.(sooner or later their life partners will make a temple for them)

§      They all wear wonderful dresses.

§      All doshi ppl first of all are not ready to marry then because of the reason either they marry but sooner or later will change their minds because of the God/Godess syndrome of their partners.

Grasit from wo rahne wali mahlo ki

So If this many things are common then what’s the difference

Difference is in the presentation of the story and the characters after all same concept will only make ppl to decide which one is better. So which one is in your packet friends!!