Ye hai Meri kundli teri jaan

grasit from Karam apna apnaSame concept from 8 to 10

I m not able to understand that is tv media is lagging in the ideas or due to channel war they want to prove that they can do better on same topic on all channels as well

After the repetition of  the concept of ‘Betiaya’ on star one and zee the latest one is Kundli dosh  ..

The world is going ahead with techie ideas and our Indian serials are pulling back people to the superstitions that not in one chanel or in one serial ,4 channels and in 4 serials.

The mentioned serials are making ppl to believe that the horoscopes can take life of
ur life partners as well.

I do belive in horiscoppes and in some cases this might be true but the probability theses channels are offering is quite high and heavy dose.

Just have a look on the chart below.

Time Slot Name of Serial Channel Life span of life partner due to the DEFAULTER kundli




Just short life


Saathi re

Star one



wo rahne waali mahlo ki

Sahara one

40 days

9.30 karam apna apna Star 8 months

These 4 serials are based on the same concept that the life partner will die after certain

time period due to the Dosh in kundli (horoscope)and one among them has found an interesting name also for it THE CHADTI NAGIN DOSH 😉

the Grasit,doshi and VO of Sathi Re



The common factor I mean the fear factor for all :-

§      All the doshi people (I mean people having that dosh in kundli ) are too good by nature.

§      All doshi people have a love life simultaneously

§      All grasit (affected) people are madly in love with the doshi people.

§      All grasit people are ready to do any thing fr the doshi people

§      All grasit people are simply the reincarnation of  various Gods not told in story but they act like so.(sooner or later their life partners will make a temple for them)

§      They all wear wonderful dresses.

§      All doshi ppl first of all are not ready to marry then because of the reason either they marry but sooner or later will change their minds because of the God/Godess syndrome of their partners.

Grasit from wo rahne wali mahlo ki

So If this many things are common then what’s the difference

Difference is in the presentation of the story and the characters after all same concept will only make ppl to decide which one is better. So which one is in your packet friends!!


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