Aish and abhishek got engaged

And finally the cat is out of the bagBollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan “the most eligible bachelor film star” till L14 Jan  because now he is hooked and booked by  Aishwarya Rai on Sunday night. as they  got engaged to each other at a quiet ceremony in Mumbai. The engagement between Abhishek, who turns 31 on February 5 next, and 33-year-old Aishwarya, was held at the residence of the Bachchans in suburban Juhu 

 I mean after all they got engaged after so many yes and no in their lifes Why not Aishwarya?many of the well-wishers(including me) I know wished this shouldn’t have happened any one in this world but not aishWhy not because they all have too many good reasons behind that


§       She is of use and dump types(history tells)§       She is too plastic

§       She is highly diplomatic and elder To Ab baby  are the most common comments of all .

And why not Aishwarya!!!

as far as looking to her professional profile she is quite a good choice after all she at the age of 33 have a statue of Wax in London’s prestigious Madame Tussauds Wax museum which in the nation only few have the pride to hold .

she has a entire product range on her name (recently launched a lipistic on her name) and  can Jr. bachhan have this pride 🙂

She comes in the 26top sexiest stars of the world. She is the miss World and winner of many awards which Junior Bachchan have yet to receive.And at personel level most of us don’t know either of them .so lets leave the couple alone and enjoy the engagement till some next sizzling news comes about them.



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