I know iam too late to say abt this but what to say now only I was able to accumulate the courage to watch the movie.

A  movie with a great star cast and good great deal of working ppl . “ a man who left all relations to make the one” this gave a wonderful impression that it must be some thing abt Salman Khan if nt then john and at last it may be Rani Mukharji

But the thought that it may be Amitab Bachhan never came to my mind even once. And it is for Amitabh Bachhan.(how stupid of me the title is babul~ father.

So in one line about the movie 😀

One was suraj’s VIvah and this is Vidhva vivah. One more word it is a tear junction box 😦

After Bagban Hema and amitabh have set high standards fr themselves which they were not able to touch in the movie.Acting wise its ok but to say regarding the camera work u may find it similar to the serials so it was not a big screen work which makes the movie least effective .the character portray was very weak ,in short weather it be rani or the salman they are big bore characters ,nothing interesting abt the john either. he comes in the movie just to sing songs and be a dummy baby. pathetic.

The humor which could have been well created by the medium of the cute looking kid was also some thing we terribly missed.

In short I will prefer to watch daily soap more than the movie.


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