Guru bhai guru bhai aviyo che The movie was released in Tamil as well and the right time engagement of Ash and  Abhi has given the movie a special hype too.How planned are the things in all these woods weather be bolly,holly or kolly J 

Ok leaving the other comments apart lets check it out fr the movie GURU 

In short acting wise all of them were good infact very good  Mithun, Vidhya Balan or Madhavan they all make a strong impact on the public. Infact vidhya balan and madhavans short and sweet  love story leaves a mark in ppls heart .

For Abhishek Bachhan the first half of the movie is good but in second half he is looking much more older then he should be.

In Toto mani has still given a southindian impact to the gujju family The song when guru and his wife are separate reminds u of
Bombay manisha koiyarala some where .kahna hi kya …
Every where the heroine is doing bharatnattayam instead of garba J.The mood change of public by songs and all is done fine.hey but every where they found a new word in the songs like maiyaa maiyaa (mallika sheravat) Is mani  trying to hold the pride to be new Shakespeare of Hindi cinema.Though the movie has lot to tell and has tried to explain it all as well .but what abt how he really became the business tycoon. but the good part is that movie runs at  faster pace.And since the movie was abt him so he has to be declared as hero 😉 which he was. 

What I missed till end :-MihunDa’s cap nd dog ,gurus father mother and relatives. In our country ppl firstly bring their parents and family to them at first so where are they. 

Fun eliment :-I really pity on the young girls og Guru bhai who would have proudly told all their family and friends abt their debut movie but were not even showed in screen for a while.But a good camera work and pasteurization with the fast moving story makes the movie different and worth watching fr all.Some good concepts of behavioral aspects are also hidden in the bag of movie .Till any new movie I watch enjoy this review and give
ur comments on the movie.


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