KBC and our massaging Sharukh

so finally the brand new KBC is on our buddhu box.(sharukh is out of the box) srk gave the new  birth of kbc he is the one who is going to step in the feet of Big B so Sharukh  becomes the obvious answer after don he is there on  TV for kbc.This is not the first time he will be coming on the small screen but still this time he has become the King Khan. and that’s why the channel has paid him much more then Big B.Let’s start from the interesting add made to campaign Sharukh ‘Kuch sawal zindagi badal sakte hai’ and a cute kid asking and answering cute questions makes one to hold the remote for a while to look at the kid and his innocent questions. Or a funny rap by him.But when I saw the KBC with Sharukh I don’t know why(I think I know) 😉 I feel that he is copying Big B weather it be the way of sitting or be it the  way of using hands while asking fastest finger questions  

Surely Sharukh Is inviting the young fan following the ladies who were not able to propose Amitabh are now proposing Sharukh. And srk is also utilizing Gauri fully to add fun in the serial. What’s different abt Sharukh§      He uses his movie names (in all possible ways)§      He calls computer ji as Mr computer and Mr Compaq(he is in the add of brand)§      He gives funny names to ppl§      He gives hugs and massages to people. 

Any ways how serial will go that only time will tell ,but what I and ppl around me feel it’s a good come back for kbc after long time and a different feel with Sharukh. Too.So if u get chance to get in the new verson of KBC go and enjoy with 2 core and Sharukh massage J 



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