the 300

The movie highly acclaimed by all so I thought why shouldn’t I give a try to
I have given

A nice one and wonderful picturization and presentation of the movie
But I feel like me to may of u the movie might have reminded of the old and
gold movie of JP Dutta’s BORDER
This movie is about the kingdom where people are only taught to fight to win

To face all hardships of the cruel political world.

Might be in the early Indian history the warriors and rajputs of India were
made like this only .:-)  a complete race of people born and brought up to
fight only.
The small guy half naked killing a giant bear, all alone with a simple
weapon in his hands. Creates a chill in spine.

Too many similarities can be drawn out to from border imagine, but I think
if u see with that perspective then u must have missed out “sandeshe ate
hai” song
But what abt the added on Item number – The guy with hump who sold himself
just for an Item song 🙂 an English carbine item song

The best thing in the movie is the king attitude
He was always there in the front of the troop of 300 to encourage them to
tell them that he is there to protect them to guide them.No matter what may
happen he wil be there for all of them .That’s what is the property of true
king so that people may say that yes we are proud to die for you.U feel so
proud to be around the one who really cares for u.
He understood the feelings of father who recently lost his son in war and
acted so wisely on every act.

And the scene where millions of arrows come like cloud is simply amazing .it
is the part which makes u hold ur breath for a while.

I liked that in their kingdom they respected women’s opinion as well (mainly
the king).

Do there really exist so many types of different characters that (seems to
come from some toon series imagination).but the real effort to create them
is really so hard and creative

The sad thing about the movie is that not only the king dies but also they
were not able to win with 300,ya I know if that would have been then that
would have looked so unrealistic.

Now some flaws in the otherwise flawless movie
Hey this is the fault that was caught by not me but my dear friend Vinita
The point to be noted milord !!!!
After all they have done a big massacre killed so many ppl but where does
the blood falls on floor.
Technically I feel she is right, but may be we are too used to see the floor
painted  by red ink even on single person’s death that none of us is able to
imagine this heavy blood shed without blood.

Except this a movie is worth wile to watch 🙂
till then u can enjoy with the snaps of the movie at

Trust me


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