nishabd the movieThe movie its topic never excited me, some thing what might have been there
in society but doesn’t makes me to see the stuff
What I can say about is that the only thing which makes the movie positive
is Amitab bachhhan .

As a character the dir tried to justify the situations (a girl never seen
her father, maturity and all that) a man whose talent was respected but was
not been taken interest and loved by family members (he was some thing what
we say ghar kii murgi dal barabar)
Surely it doesn’t means that all those people who have been through all
should do the same. but…reasons are there as told by ramu.
But u always feel how pure emotions of the mom and daughter are being
ditched ..
Hee hee now u see how clever the story writers are they make every crime and
wrong deed justified whether it be the actions of sanjay in vastav or
mallika in murder.
This some thing, which will make u feel that you are fooled up by dir, he
just made a low budget movie, where the narration sme times looks too
And u feel are aftab kya right time entry mari hai 😀
That’s it for the movie if it interests u u can watch the B+ acting, for the
camera work which makes you see the same thing with different eyes but might
make u feel lost in house. As some part of the movie is pasteurized as a
horror movie.
But I expected some thing more out of the movie.

so kuch na kaho kuch bhi na kaho


Big Brother

I know the title makes you to think abt the hot and sexy shilpa shetty,
But this movie is beyond all that .I know u might not have even heard of the
Hmm jaruri to nahi ki sari movie dekh hi dale aur pata hi ho
I feel sunny paaji ko abb movies me papaji ban kar ana shuru kar dena
hoga.nahi to apko dusra mithun bante der nahi lagegi
I acting I rank mithun better then sunny you must see mithuns bengoli movies

Hmm and the sunny da puts him self in every frame so that he shuld be the
overall hero and dance naa aa kar nhi jo inka dance hota hai wo ku hota
Theek hai chalo abb to big brother bhi movie dekh dali 😀 to likhe bager
kaise raha jaeyga.

Namaste London

poster.jpgIm too late to see this movie, might be that’s for my good only because this
is an average movie with nothing very different story.
Bapu (rishi kapoor) ne kya dekh kar apne videshi kudi ko thet gao me de
dala. she was right to say no, if in this century ppl will force kids to do
things its trouble some for them and all, they need to be make understand
politely ,give logic and a strong one not merely emotional to get accepted
your point why shall one accept simply just what is being said …every
thing has a reason behind it.
Its not that akshey was not right he loved her that is also good. But was he
working?Imean how he was supposed to earn? if being a girl I put myself in
similar shoes then surely this act of my parents will make me more
‘abb us bechari ko ek bhi normal banda nahi dikha aur jo pahla dikha wo set
kar dala 😀 ye to bahut nainsafi hai ‘
Hmm abb ye to movie hai : Lets leave this discussion and discuss abt the
On an overview it is an average movie can be seen once.but surely it has
nothing new and fresh to give to audience some thing like comedy remake of
Purab aur paschim .that too without the typical golden wig of sayrabano 🙂
The parents of the guy were so nice and honest that they told and warned the
lady(katreena) abt their son {verry rarely Indian parents can do this}
Namastey London is a fun trip ride after a long lul in time.

Honeymoon travels

poster1.jpgNow it is turn of the new list of movies Honeymoon travels

In short about the movie:-

As the name so the movie for couples of different age group on honeymoon. Few love stories all taking the different aspects of life and lovers need not to be the perfect pair.

And the sound track sajana ji is simply superb meaningful as well as a dance number to perform on.

The most beautiful was the amazing similarity and compatibility among deol bro and his heroine and the lovely surprise that they are super man family: D only superman’s life people can not fight. ret every where people will and can fight on n number of different reasons.

Iam not much critical abt the movie because I was able to identify these characters around me all happy ending stories. Except for the guy whose wife ran away.J

What I liked abt the movie is that instead of different seniority level the director and storywriter gave equal importance to all the pairs and stories. a perfect balance of actors and characters .

I think that u all must have realized till now that I liked the movie and feel this is worthwhile to see the once in theaters.



3 morale-giving stories bound by a single theme cricket

Some thing like first buy a hanky then find a matching dress to it.

Theme cricket then adding word cricket to it.

Nana pateker story was some remake of munna bhai in cricket style. Acting was un doubted good but it was not too fresh to see .But tells how important a smile is. keep smiling

Second story gave a good morale be what u are don’t try to project what u are not. With Paresh raval ,it was a sad tint story but the morale is even better that we being a fairer community to southern America and other Negro communities shouldn’t discriminate to them. That really gives effects somewhere.

But the other story was like a fresh breeze and might be the highlight of all, where cricket plays the main role. And the cricket star dhoni without acting played a major role J

The problem of young generation and of course the be ware point for all young couples.

In all I feel just to see one story we need nt to go theater.

If this movie has done business then that is surely because of good actors, their acting and DHONI of course J.

The train

Train- train-train suddenly too many movies relating to train how come
suddenly the train has become so important part in our life’s that the
movies started getting created on them
The biggest confusion in the movie is the heroines
Both the heroines look so similar that it is tough to find which one is who
Hmm I think that’s why the Mr. hashmi go confused.
The movie has nothing new to offer as far as concerned to the story except
that they need the money for their girl.
And ya an alert of all the fraud cased planned against.. Nothing more
nothing less. That’s it
Just for the moment if we imagine the heroine wouldn’t have met the hero in
train and met in the bus or plain or any where like garden or footpath then
the title would have been even more confusing.
The train
The bus
The plain

If it makes the oldies think of The burning train then it will be a shocking
train for u.the-train8.jpg

The movie is about the bada jeb katras(big pickpockets) of the society.
Story:-Hero is getting a downfall both in his personal life and carrier and
since his wife 1 day takes all money from his pocket he lefts with no money
fr the ticket and the amount is paid by the other heroine.
That’s the start they keep on meeting and one day the other lady gets raped
and the rapist blackmails them and the hero ends up paying all the money he
saved for his daughters kidney transplant. And finally he says this all to
his wife and then he finds out that this all was preplanned by the girl and
the boy who raped her(her original boyfriend and partner in crime) in
between one of his friend gets killed by the rapist police ghemala and all
goes on and then the hero acts like mr bond and takes his money back and
comes out clean chit with all those who were involved in the plan killed.

Well now u decide weather to go to theaters to watch this one or nt ..
Songs are audible and are good dance numbers
Till I sit in the 1.40 ki local enjoy the train 🙂