The train

Train- train-train suddenly too many movies relating to train how come
suddenly the train has become so important part in our life’s that the
movies started getting created on them
The biggest confusion in the movie is the heroines
Both the heroines look so similar that it is tough to find which one is who
Hmm I think that’s why the Mr. hashmi go confused.
The movie has nothing new to offer as far as concerned to the story except
that they need the money for their girl.
And ya an alert of all the fraud cased planned against.. Nothing more
nothing less. That’s it
Just for the moment if we imagine the heroine wouldn’t have met the hero in
train and met in the bus or plain or any where like garden or footpath then
the title would have been even more confusing.
The train
The bus
The plain

If it makes the oldies think of The burning train then it will be a shocking
train for u.the-train8.jpg

The movie is about the bada jeb katras(big pickpockets) of the society.
Story:-Hero is getting a downfall both in his personal life and carrier and
since his wife 1 day takes all money from his pocket he lefts with no money
fr the ticket and the amount is paid by the other heroine.
That’s the start they keep on meeting and one day the other lady gets raped
and the rapist blackmails them and the hero ends up paying all the money he
saved for his daughters kidney transplant. And finally he says this all to
his wife and then he finds out that this all was preplanned by the girl and
the boy who raped her(her original boyfriend and partner in crime) in
between one of his friend gets killed by the rapist police ghemala and all
goes on and then the hero acts like mr bond and takes his money back and
comes out clean chit with all those who were involved in the plan killed.

Well now u decide weather to go to theaters to watch this one or nt ..
Songs are audible and are good dance numbers
Till I sit in the 1.40 ki local enjoy the train 🙂


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