Big Brother

I know the title makes you to think abt the hot and sexy shilpa shetty,
But this movie is beyond all that .I know u might not have even heard of the
Hmm jaruri to nahi ki sari movie dekh hi dale aur pata hi ho
I feel sunny paaji ko abb movies me papaji ban kar ana shuru kar dena
hoga.nahi to apko dusra mithun bante der nahi lagegi
I acting I rank mithun better then sunny you must see mithuns bengoli movies

Hmm and the sunny da puts him self in every frame so that he shuld be the
overall hero and dance naa aa kar nhi jo inka dance hota hai wo ku hota
Theek hai chalo abb to big brother bhi movie dekh dali 😀 to likhe bager
kaise raha jaeyga.


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