3 morale-giving stories bound by a single theme cricket

Some thing like first buy a hanky then find a matching dress to it.

Theme cricket then adding word cricket to it.

Nana pateker story was some remake of munna bhai in cricket style. Acting was un doubted good but it was not too fresh to see .But tells how important a smile is. keep smiling

Second story gave a good morale be what u are don’t try to project what u are not. With Paresh raval ,it was a sad tint story but the morale is even better that we being a fairer community to southern America and other Negro communities shouldn’t discriminate to them. That really gives effects somewhere.

But the other story was like a fresh breeze and might be the highlight of all, where cricket plays the main role. And the cricket star dhoni without acting played a major role J

The problem of young generation and of course the be ware point for all young couples.

In all I feel just to see one story we need nt to go theater.

If this movie has done business then that is surely because of good actors, their acting and DHONI of course J.


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