Honeymoon travels

poster1.jpgNow it is turn of the new list of movies Honeymoon travels

In short about the movie:-

As the name so the movie for couples of different age group on honeymoon. Few love stories all taking the different aspects of life and lovers need not to be the perfect pair.

And the sound track sajana ji is simply superb meaningful as well as a dance number to perform on.

The most beautiful was the amazing similarity and compatibility among deol bro and his heroine and the lovely surprise that they are super man family: D only superman’s life people can not fight. ret every where people will and can fight on n number of different reasons.

Iam not much critical abt the movie because I was able to identify these characters around me all happy ending stories. Except for the guy whose wife ran away.J

What I liked abt the movie is that instead of different seniority level the director and storywriter gave equal importance to all the pairs and stories. a perfect balance of actors and characters .

I think that u all must have realized till now that I liked the movie and feel this is worthwhile to see the once in theaters.



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