Namaste London

poster.jpgIm too late to see this movie, might be that’s for my good only because this
is an average movie with nothing very different story.
Bapu (rishi kapoor) ne kya dekh kar apne videshi kudi ko thet gao me de
dala. she was right to say no, if in this century ppl will force kids to do
things its trouble some for them and all, they need to be make understand
politely ,give logic and a strong one not merely emotional to get accepted
your point why shall one accept simply just what is being said …every
thing has a reason behind it.
Its not that akshey was not right he loved her that is also good. But was he
working?Imean how he was supposed to earn? if being a girl I put myself in
similar shoes then surely this act of my parents will make me more
‘abb us bechari ko ek bhi normal banda nahi dikha aur jo pahla dikha wo set
kar dala 😀 ye to bahut nainsafi hai ‘
Hmm abb ye to movie hai : Lets leave this discussion and discuss abt the
On an overview it is an average movie can be seen once.but surely it has
nothing new and fresh to give to audience some thing like comedy remake of
Purab aur paschim .that too without the typical golden wig of sayrabano 🙂
The parents of the guy were so nice and honest that they told and warned the
lady(katreena) abt their son {verry rarely Indian parents can do this}
Namastey London is a fun trip ride after a long lul in time.


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