nishabd the movieThe movie its topic never excited me, some thing what might have been there
in society but doesn’t makes me to see the stuff
What I can say about is that the only thing which makes the movie positive
is Amitab bachhhan .

As a character the dir tried to justify the situations (a girl never seen
her father, maturity and all that) a man whose talent was respected but was
not been taken interest and loved by family members (he was some thing what
we say ghar kii murgi dal barabar)
Surely it doesn’t means that all those people who have been through all
should do the same. but…reasons are there as told by ramu.
But u always feel how pure emotions of the mom and daughter are being
ditched ..
Hee hee now u see how clever the story writers are they make every crime and
wrong deed justified whether it be the actions of sanjay in vastav or
mallika in murder.
This some thing, which will make u feel that you are fooled up by dir, he
just made a low budget movie, where the narration sme times looks too
And u feel are aftab kya right time entry mari hai 😀
That’s it for the movie if it interests u u can watch the B+ acting, for the
camera work which makes you see the same thing with different eyes but might
make u feel lost in house. As some part of the movie is pasteurized as a
horror movie.
But I expected some thing more out of the movie.

so kuch na kaho kuch bhi na kaho


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