Rakhi savant the TRP queen

Mazic of rakhi sawant

U love her or u hate her but she is there as a queen

She is the controversy queen she is the one who earned her bread butter jam in her own way. The lady who is over expressive, speaks of her mind might be manipulative but what.

This is the time when her stars are really on the height

She is the one who has lead the show and guiding the current trp of channels

There are many who were side by side benefited because of her and the list is getting long.


How ???

Since the time of Mica sing kissing fame Rakhi is the controversy and she go hand in hand and this is all well benefiting the channels and Rakhi too

She got entry in BIG BOSS ,then reentry in big boss J she gets all in style

Then as a judge in a comedy show

Movies with leading female role.

Got a song dedicated to her by Mica singh ji

Visit to the show coffee with karan – honor for an item girl

Nach baliye 3

Yep and side by side because of her Kashmeera (well known fighter with rakhi from the time of big boss)

And on the other side he is MICA coming in other dance show zhalak dikhla ja

Well lets see how far does Rakhi’s name and fame takes her to the next zone of success.

Who knows might be she and her baliye is the next dancing couple of the nation.



  1. Well Written creativekriti..
    but adding some spices to ur nicely cooked Biryani; U might not have seen the recent controversial remake of Mica Scandal in Nach Baliye 3…
    performed by Kavita(Chandramukhi Chautala FIR fame) and other artist..
    was the Xeox of the moment which happened at Mica’s B’day last year…
    what a knee jerking show for TRP queen!!!
    But any way!!
    evry one is earning bread, Let her finding Innotive ways for herself….
    and one more thing in which movie she did a lead role?(Might u r talking about BMG)???

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