Bhool bhualiya

cast of bhool bhulaiya

Now this is the movie for those who watch selective movies in theater, as it has a novelty to be presented with a crisp acting. So in short you cant come out of the theater without praising the efficient acting of vidhya and nice timely comedy of Akki akki

The script seems boring and un interesting in the first half. The entire load of movie is kept o the shoulders of paresh raval so he tries his best not to forget the Rajpal yadav who could have utilized better.

But the real fun of the story comes with the entry of our comedy king Akshay. The instant he pays 13000 to auto wala we are his fan J

Though the movie never goes out of track but definitely speed of movie is quite varied in some times it is extremely slow and some times it’s pretty ok.

Vidhyabalan in surely the one who can bring new dimensions to dancing after madhuri’s dola re it was long on screen classical by Vidhyabalan and the other guy.

Dance and the acting was superb she is really capable of bringing chill in the spine, but u don’t feel scared most of the times as the environment of the movie is light it is being projected as comedy movie rather than a horror or suspense one.

Though the name takes you to the famous bhool bhuliya of lucknow but this bhool bhuliya is a style of Rajputs rather than the Nawabs.Location wise they have taken quite perfectly the locations of the pink architectural beauty of Jaipur with some others, which never lets u feel that these are some different really well taken shots in that aspect.

So the problem that most of viewers faced was that they were not able to put this movie in either segment it was neither a horror one nor a out an out comedy one, so people with either mind set got disappointed from this.

“Ami je tumhar chin chin chin” was interesting then the famous “RARA RARA” of the south Indian chandramukhi .

Hmm what I feel that this movie has clicked to the perfect social cause of the society that the ghost affect more often then not is either a psycho prob. People stop putting things in logical ground then every thing goes on the name of ghost.

It was more of the environment that made them feels of a ghost. so might be a myth buster movie for many.:)

rest all enjoy the movie till your Sawariya comes to say Om shanty om



  1. A disappointment for the viewers who r expecting Bhul bhulaiya(read BB) to be a typical Priyadarshan movie.
    Although the starcast is almost same like his old ones Paresh, Asrani, Akki, Rajpal and many more (I don’t understand why he is changing his heroines?)
    First half Unexpectedly Boring and some how manages to restricts audience from Yawning.
    Thanks to Paresh and Rajpal duo for holding audience in the first half.
    Akki’s Entry is quite funny (But I don’t Understand Y he has been Introduced so late?)
    Vidya Balan did Justice to her role,she has proved that she don’t wants to be stereotyped, a Number in the later Part of movie is really an aplauding deed; Priyadarshan knows how to use an artist…

    A humble advice to Amisha; quit working and get settled with a Psychiatrist…

    Movie Gears up in Post Interval Session, when the things just spin arround like a Googly from Comedy to Thriller…

    Forts chosen from Pinkcity are the best Locations in the Country.

    Monjolika’s Plot and the detective akki hold the audience till the end of the Movie.

    “Ami J Tomar” a song that will be on ur lips, when u came out of Theaters (It’s been Played ateast 6 times)

    Finally Ghost Identified and Now what?

    Here comes the Baba from America who pulls out ghost from the victims.At this Point i really wants to thank Priyadarshan for not letting the Movie theme ; like “Ramsay’s” Used to do.Giving a Scientific Reason is really an Eye opener for Many..
    A good message to Society…

    Wait what about Shiney?… Totally dominated by akki

    Priyadarshan did something “Out of box”. Usually his movies are ending with hustling and bustling of all characters.
    But this time he has managed to keep the End like anything..

    Ending with the Promo Songs is still in Fashion “Hare Krishna Hare Ram” sooth ears….
    An Average Movie with all the spices that usually Priyadarshan put in his Movies with a Special “TADKA” this time

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