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Dus kahaniya

the movie was unable to create any hype among people be it the late release or the reason why these 10 stories are together I believe they would have got an good response on selling it one by on tv The stories in short some are new some are old and .. that’s it Lets talk in the order they come in movie  duskahaniyaan_dus_kahaniyaan_1.jpg

1.Matrimony (Mandira Bedi, Arbaaz Khan and Sudhanshu Pandey):- mandira bedi acted in the same story on Zee Rishte long back so why again. A perfect wrong choice for the start of the movie. Though the famous but still well known story

2. High on the Highway (Jimmy Shergill, Masumeh):- a confusing story what is the exact message at least I was not able to grasp acting alone cant take the story move.

3. Pooranmashi (Amrita Singh, Minissha Lamba):-again a old story seems famous too. Ok but not the right choice to be the starting few Poornamashi is a story of a mother’s unconditional love for her daughter, who is engaged to get married soon. But the mother ends up being responsible for her daughter’s death. Again pretty boring, but does tend to get a bit emotional in the end. Amrita Singh is superb, Minissha Lamba is good.

4. Strangers in the night (Neha Dhupia, Mahesh Manjrekar):-yep this one tries to create the suspense, a last twist by neha dhupia is good.

5. Zahir (Manoj Bajpai, Dia Mirza):-Manoj bajpai ji got trapped because of not listening and showing his male ego a good one Directed brilliantly by Sanjay Gupta. Dia Mirza looks extremely sweet, perfect for her role and acts well. Manoj Bajpai is splendid. I liked the story and direction both [:)]

 6. Love Dale (Anupam Kher, Aftab, Neha Oberoi):-Ghost story of Aftab.. the lovable ghost was ok ,I would have liked it more had it been a simple play of destiny not the Ghost planned story. The writing could have been much better for this story, it tries hard to convince the audience but doesn’t. .

7. Sex on the Beach (Dino Morea, Tareena Patel):-.. hmm seems they could have made it a good horror one [:P]

 8. Rice Plate (Shabana Azmi and Naseeruddin Shah):- superb acting by Shabana,Naseer and wonderful Indianization of the story. But again the story is heard many times in form of Cookie story. Without doubt this is one of best part of the movie. The story has moral and is sensitive, emotional, gripping.

9. Gubbare (Anita, Nana Patekar, Rohit Roy):-Another cute, emotional and touching tale. Why they didn’t kept it in starting. This one too is on sensitive issue, value the things and people when they are with you. Later nothing lefts.. Gubbare . The story behind the balloons carries a very important lesson in ones life. written by Gulzar. The execution is perfect and the story leaves an impact. A brilliant Nana Patekar is in form. Anita and Rohit are good.

10. Rise and Fall (Sanjay Dutt, Suniel Shetty):-Sanjay dutt and Sunil shetty a story reflects good parallelism of two tenses a good direction but yes there is confusion abt this story among many.’bhai story samagh ayegi to to koi reaction dega na’ ..

I guess it requires brains.

let me simplify Rise and Fall is a story of two gangsters, their childhood friendship that finally leads to betrayal. There are 2 stories running simultaneously both on the same two gangsters

 I think the weakness is some where as the stories are not connected to each other though the every one has a special twist in it. some are happy with that some are not I think If next time few detractors and writers want to join their hands together they should have a theme of Nav Ras [roudra ras(tragedy).. hasya ras(comedy) etc ..] so the audiences will have a mix of all emotions and a good collection of stories too .

CHAK DE becomes Check de for INDIA

Chak De or Check de

The movie of the year


The movie which has changes many life’s especially brought life in the Sport field .I don’t say that our cricketers or Hocky players don’t play well but Chak de has many beautiful moments which are leading as an inspiration to many not only in the sports but also in the corporate sector. Its not tough to imagine that the chak de is rocking the hearts of Indians

Its bringing life to the real Indian national sport HOCKEY

I think most of the pppl know hocky is the national game only because we are taught in our school about that.

Well I  think now I should talk about the movie

The movie shows the hard work of all the players cum actors as well as the coach hmm nt exactly the screen Kabeer khan but behind the screen Kabir khan Mr Negi J
who coached them well on the sports.

All characters so well defined, so engrossed in their own life’s so we can find our self in either of them we all have some of them in us.

Weather it be fighting spirit of Komal or any other, which still rocks.

Songs I need not to say that they are the inspiration of the time as since the time of movie realizes we are hearing them on and on for hockey win , for T 20 winning and then the other series of games hff the list seems to be never ending .

I think the song chuck de has made sukhvinder immortal in heart of people.

 Now some  critics for the movie.

As a matter of fact very rarely girls from Punjab or Rajesthan were part of the women Hockey team. It is most of the time ruled by the north east and southern states. But the on screen presence of these characters shows the difference. (forgiven them for the vote bank effect)

Well the other thing which will make u think after playing at the state levels etc the players understand / groom themselves to Hindi as well as a bit of English at least . so that they can greet them properly not to say happy diwali on normal greeting J(forgiven them for the sake of the smile on publics face)

But still this movies comes under those rare movies which make people sit till the last sec of the movie is on the screen .that’s the but that entire theater sits till every part of the movie finishes up.

After effects of CHAK De India for all:-

  • Sharukh has turned up as the new brand ambasedor of wemen hocky or in that aspect all the sports (need not to say abt his presence in T20 to shine the om shanty on t –shirt).
  • Sukhvindar  and other singers singing the songs on every front.
  • The elite gang of girls being called as celebrities in all shows with variety of offers in their hands
  • The producers and directors filling their bags with the Checks from top to bottom of the country
  • Not to forget Mr Negi the forgotten star got his life back and was recognized well and now increasing his fan club by dancing in the show at Sony Zhalak dikhlaja..

So in short the chuck de has become CHECK de for every one who has been a part of the movie

What I loved about the movie was that

  • They tried to show the reality that all the bathrooms and arrangements for other than cricket sports are not well to do
  • They didn’t showed any love affair with SRK
  • They showed how really a senior will behave if not getting the earlier received importance
  • How the female politics works
  • How in general the over all people work on the sttata
  • Every one in the movie had their own story to say
  • The characters were so well defined they were never out of the scope for the people

Hmm that’s what I say u give me time to think over it and the article turns out to be long and long J

LCmD:- Laga Chunari me daag

LCD Laga Chunari me daag

Haa I think this is a season of haweli both the movies have a good use of the “haweli” the forts in their movies for both of them it was an important fact to be considered

Now lets talk about them one by one


LCD nopes its not some another technical device its simply the movie laga chunari me daag


Acting:-The movie on count of acting its good, every one is looking beautiful, kunal is bringing freshness to the story but beauty doesn’t works alone

Story:-Well story is a well predicted one .

Others:- Some where I feel it is the editing problem for the movie the parts are some in bits and piece’s. After coming out of the theater u feel some thing was missing but what we rarely get might be that there are very few scenes where we get all the actors together.

Might be the songs were to long and I would have appreciated a new add campaign of lux and then with that timing same add in the market “soorat bhi hai khoobsurat bhi hai”

Haa lux and motorolla are looking good J for the movie.

Well every thing for rani J
well now lets look at some other aspects of movie

 My comments:-

But I feel somewhere they have really glorified the skin business a lot in the movie. Made a common man to feel u need to have some good friends in business  and then u can rock in the business.

Koi tumhari atma ko choo tak nahi payega was so type caseted filmy

Well when she tries for job her major problem is her English diction and personality right that she has any ways developed, even for being a high class lady right

I understand initially she needed to sell her self for her father’s ill ness

But she could have turned back and got an job for herself in an average firm and studied further and developed her self now that would have been a real fight against the system the fight of a real women. being a women I would have respected the “badhki” more for improving her even more in the procedure .


Now next point Those relative of hers just come to create bombardment and move so easily and simply how?? Bachhan charisma worked for them..

On the funny node- poor Mr. bachhan was not able to find any girl to say hanuman chalisa in entire India hee hee hee .

Ok why shall we forget the grand sets of the movie.If u want to watch the movie badly then go for actors and cinematography.