CHAK DE becomes Check de for INDIA

Chak De or Check de

The movie of the year


The movie which has changes many life’s especially brought life in the Sport field .I don’t say that our cricketers or Hocky players don’t play well but Chak de has many beautiful moments which are leading as an inspiration to many not only in the sports but also in the corporate sector. Its not tough to imagine that the chak de is rocking the hearts of Indians

Its bringing life to the real Indian national sport HOCKEY

I think most of the pppl know hocky is the national game only because we are taught in our school about that.

Well I  think now I should talk about the movie

The movie shows the hard work of all the players cum actors as well as the coach hmm nt exactly the screen Kabeer khan but behind the screen Kabir khan Mr Negi J
who coached them well on the sports.

All characters so well defined, so engrossed in their own life’s so we can find our self in either of them we all have some of them in us.

Weather it be fighting spirit of Komal or any other, which still rocks.

Songs I need not to say that they are the inspiration of the time as since the time of movie realizes we are hearing them on and on for hockey win , for T 20 winning and then the other series of games hff the list seems to be never ending .

I think the song chuck de has made sukhvinder immortal in heart of people.

 Now some  critics for the movie.

As a matter of fact very rarely girls from Punjab or Rajesthan were part of the women Hockey team. It is most of the time ruled by the north east and southern states. But the on screen presence of these characters shows the difference. (forgiven them for the vote bank effect)

Well the other thing which will make u think after playing at the state levels etc the players understand / groom themselves to Hindi as well as a bit of English at least . so that they can greet them properly not to say happy diwali on normal greeting J(forgiven them for the sake of the smile on publics face)

But still this movies comes under those rare movies which make people sit till the last sec of the movie is on the screen .that’s the but that entire theater sits till every part of the movie finishes up.

After effects of CHAK De India for all:-

  • Sharukh has turned up as the new brand ambasedor of wemen hocky or in that aspect all the sports (need not to say abt his presence in T20 to shine the om shanty on t –shirt).
  • Sukhvindar  and other singers singing the songs on every front.
  • The elite gang of girls being called as celebrities in all shows with variety of offers in their hands
  • The producers and directors filling their bags with the Checks from top to bottom of the country
  • Not to forget Mr Negi the forgotten star got his life back and was recognized well and now increasing his fan club by dancing in the show at Sony Zhalak dikhlaja..

So in short the chuck de has become CHECK de for every one who has been a part of the movie

What I loved about the movie was that

  • They tried to show the reality that all the bathrooms and arrangements for other than cricket sports are not well to do
  • They didn’t showed any love affair with SRK
  • They showed how really a senior will behave if not getting the earlier received importance
  • How the female politics works
  • How in general the over all people work on the sttata
  • Every one in the movie had their own story to say
  • The characters were so well defined they were never out of the scope for the people

Hmm that’s what I say u give me time to think over it and the article turns out to be long and long J



  1. Hello Kriti ji,

    Every description about movies are fine here specially CHAKDE.This is my favorite movie I had ever seen so inspiration and motivation.This is very much appreciable and logic described here is very high quality.
    Is any option in you Blog to change the balck backgroud to any pale color because it is very difficult see txt in black background.

  2. Hey.. Coming to this pretty late.. You have brought up good points.. Movie is indeed source of inspiration.. But after the movie, and both before and after your blog, very interesting events have happened which have made at least myself feel that its has been inspiring for things other than indian hockey. On screen coach kabeer khan, threw a nice dialogue in movie which goes something like this. “Woh kya hai ki humari hockey mein chakke nahin hote” and immediately after movie, SRK is found in pretty much every important indian cricket match and ironically none of the hockey matches.. And worst, 8 time olympic winners in our national game, could not even qualify this year.. Somewhere in your text I came across *Chuck* (note not chak).. Well it indeed was chuck for indian hockey and may be chak for other sports like cricket. And another related point, SRK buys kolkata crickie in IPL but never did he show any interest in PHL, the premier hockey league :-). Well, I myself am a big SRK fan, but these facts appeared interesting to me in relation to the movie and the role he played and events happened afterwards..

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