LCmD:- Laga Chunari me daag

LCD Laga Chunari me daag

Haa I think this is a season of haweli both the movies have a good use of the “haweli” the forts in their movies for both of them it was an important fact to be considered

Now lets talk about them one by one


LCD nopes its not some another technical device its simply the movie laga chunari me daag


Acting:-The movie on count of acting its good, every one is looking beautiful, kunal is bringing freshness to the story but beauty doesn’t works alone

Story:-Well story is a well predicted one .

Others:- Some where I feel it is the editing problem for the movie the parts are some in bits and piece’s. After coming out of the theater u feel some thing was missing but what we rarely get might be that there are very few scenes where we get all the actors together.

Might be the songs were to long and I would have appreciated a new add campaign of lux and then with that timing same add in the market “soorat bhi hai khoobsurat bhi hai”

Haa lux and motorolla are looking good J for the movie.

Well every thing for rani J
well now lets look at some other aspects of movie

 My comments:-

But I feel somewhere they have really glorified the skin business a lot in the movie. Made a common man to feel u need to have some good friends in business  and then u can rock in the business.

Koi tumhari atma ko choo tak nahi payega was so type caseted filmy

Well when she tries for job her major problem is her English diction and personality right that she has any ways developed, even for being a high class lady right

I understand initially she needed to sell her self for her father’s ill ness

But she could have turned back and got an job for herself in an average firm and studied further and developed her self now that would have been a real fight against the system the fight of a real women. being a women I would have respected the “badhki” more for improving her even more in the procedure .


Now next point Those relative of hers just come to create bombardment and move so easily and simply how?? Bachhan charisma worked for them..

On the funny node- poor Mr. bachhan was not able to find any girl to say hanuman chalisa in entire India hee hee hee .

Ok why shall we forget the grand sets of the movie.If u want to watch the movie badly then go for actors and cinematography.


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