Bollywood year 2007 Movies teaching lessons of life


What Movies in 2007 taught us about life. Fundas about life from the filmi life J

One great personality said that learn from every thing which comes in your way, learn from your experiences and from others experiences and movies gives us the chances to see many life’s together and thus some times gives us those learning experiences that we are not able to catch from every day life .

Here are the top 5 lessons learnt from the movies in the year 2007

  • Never stop dreaming

How the moves today are mentioning the +ve attitude

Be it the attitude of geet in [jab we met] :- “jo be insaan really me chahata hai na actually mai wo usko paa kar rahta hai” or Mr OM [ Om shanty Om] “jab koi insane badi shiddat se kisi ko pane ki koshish karta hai to sari kayanat use milane me lag jati hai”

Aren’t these 2 statements telling us that where there is will there is the WAY

Never let down attitude, whatever happens never stop dreaming because only those will be able to achieve the dreams those who will dream.

So what are you waiting for Refresh your resolution and smile at the destiny. 

  • You have right to commit mistakes

Hmm the movies also taught the we should accept the mistakes doing mistakes is not a crime every one has right to do mistakes and then learn from it..

Be it Kareena of [Jab we met] or Madhuri [ Aja Nach le] the both took wrong decisions in life but then learned and overcame the situation.

Here why can’t I mention the “Bheja Fry” they did small and big mistakes but then finally they had lessons learnt out of it. Or at least we have learnt not to make fun of others because we never know when life can make fun of us.

There is nothing wrong in doing mistakes till learn from them.


  • Learn to accept people as they are. Every person is having its own unique ability.we always need not to change nad make people according to us “Partner” Salman tried to change Govinda but finally the katirana likes him the original the way he is.

Ya though the movie was a not a big hit but still Abhishek accepted rani as is .Laga chunari me dag.

No need to pretend what you are not.

Tare Jameen Par aha that movie is some thing MUST WATCH to learn all about life from it.

There is nothing completely right or completely wrong its just about the side from which we are watching its about the scope.

Neither Guru was wrong nor was madhvan they both had their own valid reasons to be like that. What abt cheeni kum accept amitabh the Oldie as is J

Don’t be Switch (with only 2 stages ON/OFF ) be the Regulator[multiple way to suit the situation like fan’s regulator] in life that this is right or wrong some time try and put your self in others shoes too.

Don’t be Switch be the Regulator (fan)  

  • Forgiving or letting it go is the other mantra which the movies taught

I bet you cant forget Komal giving a pass to Preeti Sabarwal of CHACK De inspite of the silent war ,just giving one chance not only made the team to win but also helped her to get other gains in future.

Had the lady wouldn’t have forgiven Akshay[hay baby] she wouldn’t have been able to give her life a new start.

Salame ishk was all about this topic only forgive (anil kapoor for not being loyal) letting go the heroin by salman and Govinada..Some times letting go the past helps to move ahead in future what about Shilpa Shetty of metro hmm ok now we can think of shahid [Jab we met] he lets go the Kareena & hmm Akshay in Namaste london and finally she the lead lady comes to her. And the contrast is in Sawariya the girl leaves him for ever.

J) abb ye hua na total filmy

Ok so that brings back the conclusion “agar tumhara pyar jana chahe to use jane do agar wo laut ka ata hai to wo tumhara hai warna wo tumhara tha hi nahi”  well this holds true with all aspects of life let go some times ,and forgive manier times in life . If

So forgive your friends,life partners,parents and Bosses Of course let go some or all of their things which hurts u in some way or the other and believe me you will take your self a leap ahead all of them and yes peace of mind comes free with this offer

So Forgive and let go things this year    

Hey this one is the last one but not the least ..

  • use your brains to before taking any decision or action .hmm like your actions shouldn’t be influenced merely be some thing you heard or some body said some thing. there could be the other side of coin too.

Or why don’t we give the other one chance to clarify.

Think of what people did to Sharukh the team caption …

Hmm on that matter the same happened with our little hero in Tare Zameen Par no body gave him chance to speak that what is the real problem he is facing ;(

Well One story from 10 kahaniya is the perfect lesson on the subject the ‘Zahir’ for those who haven’t seen let me tell u in brief Manoj bajpai falls in love with Diya and she denies and one day he finds her as a bar girl and feels betrayed and rejected ,didn’t lets diya speak any thing and rapes her and the final result  he gets Infected by Aids.just because he didn’t tried to listen Dia which she was desperately trying to tell.

I think this small explanation gives all of us a well teaching of why listening is important J

Jonny gaddar is the moive which gave us the great conclusion “dikwe pe mat jao apni akkal lagao”

Don’t jump to the conclusions look to all aspects before reaching to the action  

Now seems that you are ready to find at least one new year resolution for your self

Hope the new year brings lot many great movies and news in your life

Till the next post

Its me Kriti Trivedi

Wishing you a energetic new year ahead J



  1. Hey That’s really awesome facts abut movies generally we don’t observe.Its a very good work and writing about movies in a different
    view.Please keep it up what happens to others or what they think…

  2. Kriti!! we all c movies, get motivated for some time, & then after an hour or 2 evthgz 4gotten.
    Thanx for reminding it & bringing out the unnoticed learnings.I think thwy are really going to help, at least me.
    Great job Buddy!

  3. didz,
    u employed at pvr?or atleast at adlabs right?

    how did you watch so many movies then?

    and by ur post,it seems you watched them twice or thrice to get learnings of life from them.

    very rightly said,even though movies seems to be unrealistic they do teach us everything and anything in life.

    great observation didz,way to go!one has to be really creative and optimist to be able to see all these points of view in so many movies.

    i suggest,you go on writing and observing!
    And also please send this post to the directors and writers of these films.
    Even they will be bewildered!(did we meant that from the script??)[;)]

    thanks for the great inspiring post!


  4. Hi Kriti,
    I wud just say ” WELL WRITTEN AND A GOOD JOB DONE”

    but i guess the Fan regulator example doesn’t quite fit in the context of what is being said. Atleast i felt in that manner. Some better example wud have greatly influenced the minds of readers.

  5. So I’ve been looking around the net and have come to the conclusion that it’s hard to find someone to do good blogging and sensible one

  6. I have been scouring the WWW for this info and just wanted to thank you for the post. Also, just off topic, where can i get a copy of this theme? – Thanks

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