U Me Aur HUM

umeaurhum the new White Movie copied by some English movie and can say inspired by another english movie 51 dates

If u want to cut short the movie just put a filter on word U KNOW SOMETHING  and the movie size will be reduced at least by 1/3 and if you delete/ff songs then u have saved other 1/3 time of yours and the rest left is the 1/3 of movie  half of the movie(1/6) is filled with the overacting of Dr Ajay i.e our Ajay devgan and rest half 1/6 is truly good one which comes almost in 2nd half of the movie.

So judge yourself u want to go for the movie or not.

Do u remember movie Black ….now think of this movie as White

As  Kajole has a blackout and she finds her brain as white as blank paper every now and then due to her alzimer at very young age of 28.

Ya she is looking so tanned in the movie are they specially designed looks or the home production didn’t let her use her sunscreen for outdoors.

After Chandani (shreedevi) another heroine that luvs White J in movie.

But yes I admire the way of dreaming and following the dreams in the movie after all that’s all about the true luv making others dream come true.and telling that luv is about either being Selfish for your loved  ones or being selfish in style so that u and ur loved ones are together happy ….

Cum on guys and girls where is your wish list

U know some thing If u don’t then bad luck will follow you for next 10 minutes (I cant say for more after all you had courage to read my blog)


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