Rocking ROCK ON!!~ Farhan’s Art


Kriti writes rockon
Kriti writes rockon


When we talk abt the movies let me start with the hit of the season ROCK ON


The movie which is directed acted and sung by farhan akhtar but viewed by many


Now if talk abt the movie alone it’s a good movie trying to develop a taste of rock in Indians telling.

One word to define the movie is that it is practical

And all the characters are so well suited to the role. Seems Arjun rampal got finally one movie to say good about he has done his best work up till now. Though many girls, including me envy him for his really long and black hairs. in the second half of the movie.

All the girls though new faces but seems so natural and real well suited to character. Prachi desai is not at all looking an ekta product except when she leaves the house by writing a letter but immediately distinct her self by coming back one call of his J

What any one will luv in the movie the House of Farhan and the dashing black washroom of his. and the dandia songs, there could have been sum more to add fun.


Some how deep within me the movie helped to analyze that u have to mould sometimes to the situation and sometimes not, to convert your dreams to reality.


This movie is a typically Farhan style movie which can be well identified from the crowd.

Now what is Farhan Style

1.He experiments a lot with hairstyles

  • Be it Preeti ,amir ,saif cant say abt Akshay as for hairstyle need hairs from DCH
  • Hritick & preeti zinta in Lakshya
  • Or Farhan/arjun/etc in be it long hairs short or no hairs

Just guessing kahi Farhan mai kisi naai (barber)ki atma to nahi J


2.Next common point is the misunderstanding and resolving. Be it of friends or lovers etc.

3.And most important is the friendship in all the movies what wins at last is the friendship.

4.Again in all movies all characters grow with time they improve themselves and adapt the change and become a part of the system yet rejuvenate the same stuff within them .All of them are real life stuff and you can relate them with you.

5.Songs in each movie of his the songs have a different feel and are the starters of new era of that type of song be it “koi kahe…” “mai aisa ku hu” “meri laundry ka ek bil”

6.some how the color spectrum of all the movies is in shades of black or blue in addition to some of the pinks.

Now That’s Farhan style


Well as most say when he got sponsorship for one of the movie then suddenly he launched himself as actor & singer but all well that ends well, He chose right role fr him acted well as well as sung well.

Though he didn’t sung the nagraj song kale peele neele jahreele saap but I sum how enjoyed the song as the songs of the movie say that we need not to be scholar to write the songs we can still write and sing ours.



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