DRONA YYYY after all why they made this movie??Story-I was in search of it.  What is actually the task of drona??
What confuses me even more is the era and the city where this all happens .DRONA is another era confusion movie after Sawaria (why know directors do these dumb mistakes)If this is today’s movie then Y characters are not using Guns where this king of mazic happens. if it is a historical movies then how cum cars are there.
The start of movie reminds you the harry potter in his house as an orphan.Where on the earth this land is there. The Blue roses concept again picked from harry potter. The Drona is neither able to gather the sympathy nor the praise from the audience.The movie was so boring that I almost completed all my pending works of the week with without paying attention ..All time confused expressions of Abhishek and crazy villan with bad standard fight.
they could have tried better so atleast kids would have enjoyed it Krish was much better than this


I would certainly rate Alif-laila by Ramanand sagar on DD more than this movie. Have these people seen the Hatimtai on star plus long back they would have got that even TV serials are producing quality digital effects. Then public expects at least at par to that.

I cant even waste more lines to write about the movie In short a utter waste of such good characters.

I can certainly understand now Why kidnap is picking up in box-office against this.I pity on those who went to theaters to watch DRONA.


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