WEDNESDAY – not just another day of week


After Sunday(movie) there comes Wednesday seems we are following the trend.Wednesday not just another day of the week all the events that take place between 2 to 6 pm in one day.

The movie is crisp apt and one among the must watch movies of the time they have captured the right topic in right way. Some how started liking police people seems this fit and active police department is in movies only but any ways .Without any song this movie is already highly acclaimed by critics so nothing much to say on this one.

But some where the movie is based on the thought in mind of each Indian

Why don’t we take all criminals together and KILL them. And yes one common man does it. Not because of either of the personal grudges just because of being a part of some community but just on behalf of every Indian.

Liked the way it is said in the movie. That when terrorists are not doing any thing special any one among us can do that but we don’t do because we have ethics in place.

U said it first on FRIDAY & then on TUESDAY I’m just replying on WEDNESDAY.

they proved in the movie that yes the police is compitent of tracking the crimanal as the commisoner Prakash rathode reaches to Mr STUPID common man just on time.

I don’t know how many more movies are to be written to tell that all muslims are not the spys but seems our bollywood is trying hard to convince Indians on this.

After a long seen Anupam kher in a strong and active role like this. Superb, job done by all. From nasuriddin shah. They proved good acting can make a movie lead without any heroine and songs etc. From my side 5* to this movie.Good job for neeraj pandey Director of the movie


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  1. A wednesday was truly one of the most inspiring movies this year.. that speech at the end by Naseerudin Shah.. that’s the difference between glamour and pure talent.

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