Sorry bhai

Hi  when we say about the movie Sorry bhai

Seems to be one among the perfect titels of the year where the title is not only repeated for the wsake the movie’s name is on it.But also because people genuinely felt so.A crucial topic dealt in the lighter way. It tackles the concept of forbidden love in a progressive contemporary manner. This film depicts unique situations and emotions of a family in a light hearted way, which makes it a feel-good watch.A family which has all flavours together .

Ya Its bit funny !that in the entire movie the guy keeps on trying to fly his own dog but so what at the end its flying.

The role of Shabana Azmi as a typical mom is really a good job and how she changes with time. The proper understanding and the close knitted ness in the family makes u feel homely and that’s why you are able to accept the facts so easily without having grushes for any character. they are as they are.

But guys beware of your bro’s when u invite them for your marriage.. hee hee gone are the days when bhabhi Ma saman hoti thi. Well Varity is the spice of life so is the movie.

A good time pass movie.

Well I liked the girl J and the skill set of acting was good for all of them.

India mai sexaphone bajane wale bhi hote hai ,I thought guys are just interested in playing guitars and drums.


Story :-A shy scientist Siddharth Mathur travels to Mauritius with his brother Ma to his marriage and Ma least interested in attending the wedding of her eldest son and they do not agree to the mating because he decided to marry a girl of his choice, without consulting parents. He is also accompanied by his father, who continues to pull Ma’s leg. Harsh is in his work all the time and he has no time to spend with his fiancée Aaliyah, who is helped by his hard younger brother Siddharth, who takes her everywhere in Mauritius and show her the place. Both Aaliyah and Siddharth spend much time together and they feel attracted towards each otherAaliyah starts feeling neglected by Harsh, who is busy spending all his time to building his career. Aaliyah can not hide her feelings for her brother fiancees and Siddharth could not overcome his obsession for his brother’s fiancee.

That’s it for the movie I guess


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