Ghajini (ग़ज़नी) – movie named after the villain

  Ghajini (ग़ज़नी) movie directed by A. R. Murugadoss and one of the producers is Amir himself. though the music of AR rahman is not as impressive in all songs but yes Prasoon joshi is up to marks in writing lyrics.After  20 minutes of the movie u realize that the movie is named after the villain. Most of the people might know that this is the remake of a south Indian movie and you can find feel of south Indian acting and direction in that. Yes un doubtly the lingo is not looking so but the choice of actors & supporting cast makes u feel so.So what else is common between the 2 movies the villain (Pradeep Rawat) & the actress Asin, she shows a perfect chemistry in her debut movie of Bollywood.

  gajni_Surya & Asimghajini_ amir & asimTo many non kollywood watchers she gave a good feel like Amrita arora,Tara sharma and all like her but un doubtly her acting was appreciated after all she has to because she is repeating the same stuff with Amir after Surya in telgu/tamil Gajni

The movie though has no unique story except the medical limitation of 15 minute short memory .Iits about a guy none other than our Amir. His memory gets refreshes every 15 minutes. He has very few clues about his past. He uses the aid of Polaroid photographs and tattoos to identity people around him and to perform the tasks.

In many scenes the movie is predictable. but what raises the bar here is the manner in which the movie has been shot, its screenplay, and its riveting performances by the lead pair of Aamir and Asin. The concept of memory loss, aid of Polaroid photographs and tattoos is inspired by Hollywood flick ‘Memento’.

But the director has nicely interwoven the flashbacks in interesting style you will feel curious to know about the love story. Though it seems funny that police inspector asks where is the other part as if he came to read novel there J or if u remember the kids story magazine Chandamama how they have sequel stories .hee hee 😀

So on the contrary the movie tells its good to write diaries and some times even good to steal and read others stuff.I bet you will not miss how the two heroines are outshining the Scooty pep in the movie.

But some where it reminds you of Salman of tere naam & some where like Sunny of Ghayal and Ghatak .Some set of people found it very violent especially by looking into the tailors it gives the feel. but its not so terrorizing and brutal. In fact I don’t mind if u say me im 2 hinsatmak if I say at the end villain needs to be beaten more or some more masala to be added while he tried to kill him. Abb itni mar pitai to aam janta dekh hi leti hai.

copy-of-amir-vs-surya All what I can say abt the movie is the typical bollywood masala is working for public. Same dish in new plate .In total I will give 3 to 3.5 stars to the movie for good acting and wonderful catchy flashbacks. might be a Xmas watch for all.

but guys need to beware as u might have to face some ….as below 😉




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