Well its all about strong women – Wake up Sid OR Love Aj Kal

The two latest movies  Wake up Sid and love aj kalAre depicting the stories of today’s generation their pains and there gains

A point where the we are ready to take up challenging and nonconventional jobs the ones to follow our dreams and is happily acceptable by the parents of the age to let them follow the dreams

But how many of the parents have really watched the movies so that they can understand their kids ..?? Some are too busy for the movies and those who have time either unable to watch the movies with fresh rather unbiased perspectives.

Have you ever thought that what will be the level of generation gap b/w your kids and your parents if you are not working to bridge the gap b/w you too 🙂



Wake up sid

What made me to take the two movies together when they don’t have much in common  J who says both have the looser cute guy Rahul Khanna and un doubtly the today’s beauty with brain women

Trust me that iam equally happy and happy to say this that women of the day are getting more intelligent then the mens Im happy because I am a women and Im sad because I have a brother at home and expect my better half to be a man (In spite of the new regulation passed )


Well the movies tells about the today’s synario  SID tells that its not that we are from hope less generation unlike the LAKSHYA Hritwik Roshan  SID is able to chase his dreams without his fight with the girlfriend .OR the generation busy with make up and breakup.

Konkana where in plays a girl who is though ready to Modernize but still has the middle class attitude of making things clear before hand 😉 OR deepika who knows what she wants at least by the end :)and how.


Well ‘Wake up sid’ is bit slow and more often then not you will be able to realize that this which part is copied Hmm let me modify the words inspired by which list of movies.

The story of this movie is about lazy guy from Mumbai Ranbir Kapoor, unmotivated idler. He is carefree; windy with his college life, but then his life gets new twists after his final year’s exam. Sid is a happy-go-lucky guy; he lives very cool life, without any responsibilities and problems. He is involved just in his friends, his camera, his car, and his X-box 360. Sid grows around his two friends Rishi (Namit Das) and Laxmi (Shikha Talsania). Supriya Pathak has played role of Sid’s mother Sarita. Sid rarely talks to his mother and Father Ram Mehra (Anupam Kher).

Sid is from very rich family, despite of all these qualities; he is genuinely an honest boy, sweet, funny and also a good friend. He lives luxurious life, on the hard earned wealth of his father. Konkona Sen Sharma is an aspiring writer from Calcutta though strangely shows almost no contributions to the art. She comes to Mumbai to realize her dreams as a writer. On first day at Mumbai, her path crosses with Sid. She is motivated, modern, ambitious woman. Sid becomes her first friend in Mumbai despite of their different personalities.

As  Sid’s days turn to opposite wind, the wake up call rings to wake him due to some unlikely events in his life. Those days force him to take shock of his life and take a hard look at himself.

  • Though few things like SID goes to exams without brushing his teeth and then entire day is busy in eating … YWK …
  • Konkana /Ayisha is a new to the city but who cares she has the money to have her own flat that to in MUMBAI
  • Ahha how could I miss to tell about the disclaimers in the theater “In the movie Mumbai is mentioned as Bombay and if this hurts your sentiments then we apologies this is purely unintentional”
  • Songs I must say the song Iktara (Amit Trivedi.) comes up as such a meaningful and well positioned song.

Why you tend to like the Movies 🙂

  1. These movies are showing a part of you to you and that’s why you like it .Might be you are the SID with or without knkana sen in your life or might be you are the Konkana who has a friend like SID who is shabby but cute and honest at hearts or you could be the one who can shout to your friends on making your rooms messy, Or afraid of your friends helping you in the secret fear that you might get dependent on them.
  2. Ya opposites attract thts what the movies say
  3. Well you could be either of the Deepika Vs Saif / Ranbir vs konkana  who are in love and don’t know that they are in
  4. Or the one who first gets excited on getting hold of your dream job and then tired of the monotonous job
  5. Might be you are the one who believes in mutual breakups and then moving forward. Or the hardcore believer of the fact that there is no true love in this world in this era
  6. or the one who likes to live in his own world
  7. Or last but not the least you may be the Rahul khanna who liked a girl who is impressed by you but don’t love you and can leave you before marriage for Ranbir or after Marrige for Saif
  8. Whatever it be but the movies which rock on the screen are the ones where u find a part of you Either of them or the combination

Well but who asked to puts the brains in these silly things Just chill and take the taste of new breeze



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