3 Idiots: (even perfection can be improved)

A wonderful must watch movie and I had a look on this 31st of December also  i know few set of people who have taken multiple rounds of this movie back to back.Indeed a path breaking movie of the time and a must of record breaking of all times.

I loved the movie for its freshness in the concept and light hearted comedy sequence and kind of unpredictable story. Yes Chetan bhagat was all Ga Ga to take credits on it but i can say this movie was inspired by his novel not on his novel writer has done his own hard work on the story which is commendable.

Also piking the situations which could be familiar, easily available in life except Mr Wangdu 😉 . DO i need to say that i liked MR price tag concept a lot . I have personal encountered many people like that quite often and they now bring smile on my face like Mr price tag 🙂 Need less to say that “All is well” will be new mantra to console.

this post stayed in draft mode for quite long 😉

Iam sure the good part of it will be there which will be with you for long and here are some of the flaws which are not with much justification in the movie which i couldnt resist writing on ,The purpose of the post is to just list out all such scenes that didn’t made sense to me. But I am ready to listen to arguments that reads like “I think that’s fine…itna to chalta hai”. Well, here is a list of things that is not quite chalta hai for me:

1. Flight is emergency landed, ok. Madhavan escapes so easily, fine. But Kareena getting married around the same date (5th of September that is) is too hard to digest. Coincidences are possible, but this is stretching the coincidence a bit too far. More unbelievable is Kareena marrying the same guy, after so many years, and more importantly after being made to realize by Aamir that he only knows how to count money.

2. The guy who hanged himself wasn’t designing something that was weird (contrary to what the prof. commented). There is no question of that design not flying. It’s a very popular design and it usually does fly without any issues (and that is precise reason why it flew in the movie). ये प्रोजेक्ट तो प्रोजेक्ट बनाने वाले ५००- १००० में बना देते कु फ़ोकट में जान दी.

3. In that terribly rainy night, Kareena Kapoor so easily leaves her “almost expecting” sister at home and leaves for hospital. She had a night shift probably. And she could reach office so easily while her sister couldn’t. Well, may be, the rain was particularly heavy after she left. Great! But what’s surprising is that if someone can call a hospital and ask for an ambulance, one can as easily take a car from campus and reach the hospital. How can everyone be so careless about a backup arrangement at such a crucial time? May be, I am asking for too much! और इंतना पुराना कंप्यूटर किसि बच्चे के पास लैपटॉप नहीं था बैतेर्री बेकुप  वाला ???

4. The vacuum cleaner assisted delivery looked so novel and nice. But the real vacuum cup that latches on to the baby’s head is specialized material that seals properly. What Aamir Khan used in the movie would never latch on to the baby. But I agree, this is not such a big thing. Chalta hai, for entertainment sake. और सोने पे सुहागा मोना सिंह के भाव भंगिमाए :). पर कोई पड़ोस की डिस्पेंसरी भी नहीं थी क्या ?

5. The whole story around Aamir Khan studying in a premier engineering college on a fake identity was unpalatable and the reasons given were flimsy. If the Dad could send Aamir Khan to study in such a prestigious college on fake papers so that his son gets his degree (which is more dangerous and risky), he could quite simply got a fake degree done. Replacing the graduation photograph digitally made no sense as it’s nothing but inviting trouble. भाई ये कान इतना घुमा के क्यों पकड़ा , हम से पूछ लेते सस्ते में और जल्दी निपट जाते और बच्चा खुशी खुशी अपने नाम से पढ़ लेता 😉

6. Chatur Ramalingam delivering the Teacher’s day speech was of course quite funny and was one of the best scenes in the movie. But was Chatur a complete stupid (he isn’t really as he is a topper) not to realize that there is something wrong in the speech…why should people laugh their stomachs out on a formal Teacher’s day speech? Moreover the way he was describing those words (Bal****ar and St*n), it seemed like he himself knew their meaning and was enjoying the speech. शायद इमोशंस डालने की कोशिश कर रहा था 😉

7. Chatur Ramalingam, a millionaire, comes to India on a business trip for inking a deal that could make or break his career (a little unpalatable but okay)and he doesn’t really know who the guy (Mr. Wangdu) is. More incredibly, Aamir Khan becomes such a great and respected personality (a famous scientist, that is) on a fake certificate with a fake name for so many  years and no one questioned? Did everyone turn a blind eye towards him except his friends? What about his other batchmates, the professors? यार गूगल को कु नहीं उसे किया वान्गडू  जी के लिए कम से कम पहचान तो लेता 😉

There are several other, but they are about a littler higher up in the triviality scale; so I am not going into those territories (and I wouldn’t dare point out that a song and dance sequence inside a college campus is unnatural; we all know jolly well that it’s given in a hindi movie). Some of you might find these observations trivial or Chalta hai. Cinematic Liberties.

BTW here is the official site of the movie:http://idiotsacademy.zapak.com/idiotsmain.php

Story line : ohh please go and watch in movie hall http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3_Idiots Yes still i recomend that you should go to movie hall to watch this movie after all चाँद में भी दाग होते है 😉 and iam sure people will go for its remake too .. now lets leave that on future 😉

It was a highly entertaining movie. Alright. But I thought it could still have done well without these obvious flaws.  The spirit of the movie is unquestionable. But it seems the director got a little carried away by the stupdendous legacy of formula Hindi movies.


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