Kites – Are Indians ready for multilingual movies

When we talk about the movie kites the thing which comes into the picture is KITES 😉 hee sakranti and lots of kites til gud But they have released this movie in June off the crunching heat is the m.e the original image of kistes is associated with pleasure and fun and this one is poles apart from it

Well about the movie

Hritik is a gr8 dancer and a good actor 2 but movie is waste. After lots of hype of the special chemistry and luv story with Barbara Mori you start expecting a lot. you can give good scores to both in acting as individuals but together as a pair they were not able to create the effect. Movie was fairly predictable from first 20-30 minutes of the movie. Infact from the moment they say about kites concept  they tell this is going to be a sad luv story. Even for a person who is not a movie buff 😉

Stunning visuals :Kites’ would not have been the same but for the captivating cinematography by Ms.Bose. From the casinos and fountains of

Las Vegas to the desolate deserts of Mexico, Bose’s camera catches beauty in every frame. Stunts are superbly executed, the best of the lot being the one in which Hrithik hops from train to train. I liked the way they captured Bellagio fountain of Vegas .Hmm one reason is I was so much able to connect it to Vegas as seen in real . so I give it 8.5/10

But story scoring 5/10 its too average. when there are movies with 3 idiots with concepts then this one stands no where .Some scenes are exactly copied and recap for the flash memories which was 2 much for the audience to test that they test.

I felt the hero was so much broken with the fact of death of Linda

/Natasha (every one is confused )that he missed to take revenge from whole gang. The final war didn’t showed a quality efforts taken from both part .c’mon give us a break .

I appreciate that the 2 small time actors got a bigger role to play one hritik’s friend and other the Linda/natasha’s (choosing Indian name  Natasha Hff)

fiancée. For a change it was good to see  kangna not in a crazy mad women role(2 much of that.

The music is, however, mediocre or less. Only 1 song could be taken and all the songs are having same feel which makes people feel bore .The lyrics is poor. Voice doesn’t suits the characters.

Now why they didn’t declare that the movie is in 3 languages English ,hindi and Spanish (why not Mexican).Half of the time goes in for reading the subtitles. Either in Spanish or English. Still in our cou

ntry there are a set of people who are not comfortable watching English. And to be honest the quality of subtitles was poor at least for English I can tell.

Now the question is same are Indians ready to w

atch multilingual movie the answer will also play a role in the fate of the movie.or even if Indian audience are of the caliber the movie is not worth.


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  1. Cant agree more Kriti on the story part!
    I would say nothing gr8 in acting part too!! 😦
    Cinematography .. really stands out! Awsum job!

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