Rajneeti from the eyes of Bhopali

The movie is worth watching and will be a hit I knew it the moment when my father got ready to watch the movie without any persuasion. Even for 3 idiots we have to inspire him.

The movie was first scanned by the congresses before being in Theaters seems the similarity of the main family to the Gandhi family which starts from

Katreena vs Priyanka

Katreena Kaif’s looks she looks too similar to Priyanka Gandhi while her looks in the later half were inspired by Sonia Gandhi. And the jumbled mixture  of an Angry brother and an Intuitive brother ,foreign educated etc Sanjay & Rajeev Gandhi ;International girlfriend  then wife and a Indian woman turned out to be politician Sonia Gandhi and Menka Gandhi ; you find jha has created a wonderful potpourri of Mahabharat and Gandhi family.

Trust me if some one from Mahabharat era would have been here they would have also opted for screening of the movie and much before Congress party.

  • NanaPatekar/ Brij Gopa                                                Krishna + Bheeshma
  • MANOJ Father                                                                  Dhritrashtra
  • Chetan Pandit/Father of  Ranbeer & arjun           Pandu
  • Nikhila Trikha/MOM                                                       Kunti
  • Ranbeer / Samar                                                              Arjun
  • Arjun Rampal/ Prithvi                                                     Bheema +Yudhishtar
  • Katreena /Indu                                                                 Draupadi
  • Ajay Devgan/ Sooraj                                                       Karn
  • Dayashanker Pandey/Father of Sooraj                   Father of Karn
  • Manoj bajpai                                                                     Duryodhan
  • Darshan Jariwala (netaji), Kiran Karmarkar (Police), Naseeruddin Shah etc were other major leads of the movie.

I will leave the similarities to judge by your self as if start telling them it  needs a separate space  🙂

mahabharat vs rajneeti“Rajneeti” that blends contemporary Indian politics with chapters from the epic ‘Mahabharata’ is perfectly edited and scripted with apt background scores. Esp Mora piya mose bolat nahi is my personal favorite and since the story didn’t required there were almost no songs (:

Need less to mention that jha has derived the best out of all actors Ajay,Nana,Manoj,Nasruddin are already known for their  mesmerizing lively  performances but getting best out of Ranbeer, Katreena ,Arjun etc was the job where he could be acclaimed . He has actually given a film to Katreena where she can say that she has done the acting. where as Ranbeer is also emerged as a potential actor No wonder that His flick Rajneeti has got splendid response  and the credit goes to Jha as a wonderful director.

If some one is not playing the game doesn’t means that he don’t know to play. He is not playing because he don’t want to …the character of Samar /Ranbeer shows the fineness when an educated polished brain comes into the field how games can be played

The beauty of the movie is all the actors were given equal space on screen. Movie where leading factor was THEME not the actors persona. I’m sure the jury will face issues in giving awards for acting in this movie.

Thanks to Jha’s wisdom that he didn’t let Katreena play a Item song in the movie. I still wonder how tough it would have been for them to make her work in a serious league movie she has also tried her best here. Though seems Though Oley is in cashing the Rajneeti.

Gamut of Actors @ kriti blogs

Prakash Zha is really crafted a wonderfull movie .. The only 15 minutes I lost attention from the screen where the MOMA the great gets a scene in her hand s with heavy hindi (not required ) dialogues  showing copy paste of mahabharata Kunti and Karna .. this could have done in much better way

Also iam still not convinced that the party leader Ranbeeer need to take gun in hand to kill manoj and ajay.


Let me tell you Rajneeti  has most  of  its parts shot in Bhopal and if given a keen look you might be able to find your known faces from Bhopal .After “Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi” (seems only Bhopal’s showed respect to the film) of Rajshri Productions, “Rajniti” is the second major Bollywood film to be shot in the city Bhopal. Ignoring of Maharashtra is being beneficial for other states .where in MP (Bhopal )played a cooperative role by giving easy permissions (Bhopal Municipal Corporation and the district administration) to schoot the film. Choosing Bhopal was a wise decision as this must have helped him to make movie fast and reasonably cheaper. As Bhopal being not so much explored by the people

Also I appreciate them for keeping the names of most of the places intact and that gives the naturalistic effect to the movie.

Almost 20 places in the city where the movie was shot and can be recognized in the movie. While the main set is being brought up in Kotra Sultanabad, other locations include village Bishan Khedi, Motiya Talab, Kaliasot Dam Temple, Iqbal Maidan, Bhadbhada Bridge Road and areas surrounding historical Moti Masjid of Bhopal.

These most of the people know but now is the main bhopali news from me

# Hotel and dance scenes shot at  “Jahnuma  & Noor e subah hotel” Bhopal

# Hospital where the poor ranbeer receives a Zordar chata (slap) is actually an engineering collage .Actually my engineering collage “Oriental Institute of science and technology” of Bhopal .And the place from where the nurses come out is actually the MCA comp lab and MCA wing of our collage.

# Shopping at New market Mragnayni ..Parking near British library turned to Vivekananda library now.

# One more from my side the scene where the TV shop is shown with all news of delay on TV is shot in a Philips & LG showroom near Jyoti talkies .Actually we went to buy our new music system there 😀 almost 10 months back and the shopkeeper was excited and enthusiastic about a scene to be shot there and while we got the things packed the team Rajneeti arrived to shoot there.

Iam sure now you will see bhopal with new Eyes 😉



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