Band Baja Barat: Abb kiska band bajega

Debut film for the actor and the actress is also not that old in the indstry, Debutant Ranveer Singh as Bittoo gave an impression of a well experienced actor .Acting wise this couple has the potential and will be suerly known for this movie for quite some time.As usual rumers of Ranveer and Anushka as a couple will rise and fall with the fading time of the movie.

Songs :  dum dum mast hai and aiweye awiye will suerly be the dance no’s for the shadi party and film shows at least for the  year.The music has been composed by the talented duo, Salim – Sulaiman.

This is the story of focused girl with dreams and her own fundas which actually modify with the time and emotions .Both the actors poterey the middle class well as well as the look and feel is well maintained for them through out. Though carrying ur dream diary alwayse with u is a silly funda for me but then who knows some people might exist on the planet like them too .

The locale of the Delhi gallis, the cosmopolitan way of life, the survival of middle class populace in the urban regions, the Delhi colloquial speech (Hindi mixed with Punjabi), the splurging way of the well-heeled group, etc. are shown in a grand comportment. To a certain extent the narration sustained with a fine tempo. Just ahead of few minutes of the intermission it was highly stimulating. The decorum of the film went for a toss with the unwanted love-making scene.

Post intermission the unfolding of the story lost the rhythm and went astray. The ethical values are set aside for a brief period. But, still the director managed to hold the drama. The sudden outbreak of the sensibly thinking leading lady is totally rubbish. The film would have been the most beautiful one ever made with just a minor avoidance.

In short with friends you can go with this movie to watch in hall for their company but you will for sure enjoy this on on your Buddhu Box the TV

For movie story line and other basic details you may go to the link  :-


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