CEAT Add impact on road accidents ?

Secretly I want to see the impact of this add on Road accident occurrences and might be the sale of their tires as well 😀  The add targets mainly the two wheelers and bikes of the middle calss and the lower middle class who go to work who go on family rides on bike And above all is about the Healthy practices to be followed on road

This add indeed has a healthy emotional appeal

As the statics say that most of the accidents happen not due to your own mistake but majorly by some one else’s mistakes and that’s where you need CEAT tires to save you from the accidents Thanks to ceat tires 🙂 for approving the idea and Kudos to the Mazic films

I am seeing this as the most impactful , simple and innovative add available 🙂




  1. The concept is good, but contribution of tyre needed be explained. Not an impressive ad of the product. Performance of actors is good.

    1. Well i think they r promoting the grip of tire & effective breaking. its like they say got saved by hair line difference just because of the effective breaking which is impossible without the product

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