Trademark top 10 for Tele Soaps

Seen people hooked to tele soaps moms ,auntis ,friends etc. Even guys r in the Que  its just hard for them to admit in public 😉 Lets admit they are a part of our life in some ways. Here are some reasons what we watch and some times why u watch them 😉

The target audiances of the STAR ONE are  age group of 25-40 years, especially in metros, like English-educated young office-goers ,to appeal to a younger, upscale, urban audience.those who spend their time in pubs discs eating out etc and have weekends to dine out and celbrate.

Top 10 things u find in common

  1. Let’s start with the story and characters, the heroine will be preferably in vulnerable state though will be shown head strong,traditional at least 200% value oriented  and will be always be saved by the Superman hero who will always be there to save her as if he dosent has any other work to study or office ..or might be because he is being paid for this 😉
  2. In the busy schedule no matter what they will not miss to look into eyes stare and stare till the music goes on and on well we know that its the music which makes people realize what they hav to feel and understand out of it romantic, sad , astonished… now a days i wait for a drum to bang when some one suddenly enters my room 😀
  3. What ever be the  reason falling from stool, skidding ,etc etc the heroine will some how fall in hands of hero always in same angle ,degrees and position . How is the subject matter of research for the scientist .Even if they faint their heads r straight . this shows the 6 sigma efficiency of giving the same result in spite of varied procedures . Hero’s will some how pick them up like the waight lifting champion (Only to heroines not to dadi Ma’s .. for grand Ma & Maa Doctors will come 😉 )
  4. The chunni or dupatta will get stuck and hero will be near by but not responsible. and some times even responsible 😀 thts why they show very less lead girls wearing formals 😉 Even in AC location from some where the wind will blow to move hairs and cloths ;
    Role of Dupatta in telesoaps

    Role of Dupatta in telesoaps

    Be it office or collage there will be some funny and some crooked supporting chars will be there  they pick gays & obsessed (food ,money ,clothes , makeup ,people etc ) ppl in general to add the funny side to the story

  5. Grand mom’s who wear heavy silk saris with broad borders , Also the lead pair will wear same pattern dresses & hair do till they r going through same era as if their dads have braught a complete yarn of same cloth material or the enire collection of same pattern dresses. And if i try same then  iam sure people will not wait to pull my legs and infact typecast me with some local store 😕
  6. Simple things like holding hands and crossing of two people will seem like a miracle .  With a melodious background score and bright colors used fr dressing with charecters going fr their hair straighntning as often as they brush their teeth.
  7. Also the hindi or the language used will be of very basic level .Limited hindi vocab . Though most of the time they think loudly or think so that audiences will listen what they r thinking.
  8. Anger and stress management : they will go to sum jungle for log cutting , some water body/hill  to shout or they will have their own dummy gym Ok i leave it on them ..
  9. well sarrie/ dupatta  tearing for bandage is just too common … do they dont know that sarries can cost up to 500-10000 on an average and same with Dupattas/chunni’s 100-5000 in either case our heros deserve the expensive bandages (normal one comes ranging rs 2-10)without ointments.
  10. Next is Dance – th girl might come from a village background but when the beads of salsa is there her body just flows ,she is up with all lifts ,twists and turns as if they were practicing it from their childhood 😀 and its high time they still waste lots of water in artificial Rains .. And as if lead pairs personal issues are taken too seriously by god and it is raining .. ;;) Ok let us try find a Tele soap where it never rained .. very few to be counted on fingers .

    This explains the hard work they put in 🙂

Star One,started with wonderful shows on the screen like Siddhant , Guns & Roses , Remix etc  this entertainment channel has  attained popularity with its reality shows, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and Nach Baliye. Though these reality shows keep coming and going what is constant r these tele soaps .you can feel free to verify the points  Geet – Hui Sabse Parayi ;Dill Mill Gayye; Rang Badalti Odhani; Miley Jab Hum Tum; ;Pyaar ki yeh ek kahaani ;Mile jab hum tum  ;Sanjeevani remake (dil mil gaye)… ;jaane pahchane se ye ajnabi etc etc

Here all the references used are mainly with ref to star one though this all holds good for most of the tele soaps in India,But in short this is the kahani of all major tele soaps

Yes the exception is Sarabhai vs sarabhai an excellent serial 🙂 too flawless and even watching it 100 times u feel good , I can undoubtly say that iam fan of “Sarabhai vs Sarabhai”


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Awakening India By JAGO RE – Tata tea

The company started the ‘Jaago Re’ campaign across the country, with ZERO  celebrity appearance in their adds . It had actually begun life in 2007 by taking on politicians. In 2008, the theme was voting which continued in the first half of 2009.Now the focus is on corruption.The campaign’s started with mobilize the citizens of India into registering and casting their votes. And further focused on  Bribing in Education System.

It attempts to revolutionize the perception of tea-drinking culture in India from being just physical activator to a catalyst for ‘social awakening’ all related to here and now issues.

Tata Tea Group campaign’s efforts revolve around the company’s website comprising numerous facilities like voting, volunteering, discussing social issues, creating profiles and sharing information. It is designed as platform for people from all over the country to meet, discuss and start a revolution. They have active jago re campaign which is successfully running in and out 🙂 nation

The advertisements are made with immense clarity about the severe lack of civic amenities, emphasizing interesting messages that leave a  great impression on the minds of people, young and old.

Add was designed by Agency: Lowe Lintas ; Creative head: R Balakrishnan ; Filmmaker: Amit Sharma, Chrome Pictures

Please comment and tell how effective you feel the adds were , was there a spark created in you for these adds ? Act now comment NOW 😀 JAGO RE