Awakening India By JAGO RE – Tata tea

The company started the ‘Jaago Re’ campaign across the country, with ZERO  celebrity appearance in their adds . It had actually begun life in 2007 by taking on politicians. In 2008, the theme was voting which continued in the first half of 2009.Now the focus is on corruption.The campaign’s started with mobilize the citizens of India into registering and casting their votes. And further focused on  Bribing in Education System.

It attempts to revolutionize the perception of tea-drinking culture in India from being just physical activator to a catalyst for ‘social awakening’ all related to here and now issues.

Tata Tea Group campaign’s efforts revolve around the company’s website comprising numerous facilities like voting, volunteering, discussing social issues, creating profiles and sharing information. It is designed as platform for people from all over the country to meet, discuss and start a revolution. They have active jago re campaign which is successfully running in and out 🙂 nation

The advertisements are made with immense clarity about the severe lack of civic amenities, emphasizing interesting messages that leave a  great impression on the minds of people, young and old.

Add was designed by Agency: Lowe Lintas ; Creative head: R Balakrishnan ; Filmmaker: Amit Sharma, Chrome Pictures

Please comment and tell how effective you feel the adds were , was there a spark created in you for these adds ? Act now comment NOW 😀 JAGO RE


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