Rakhi Sawant The BRAND

Those who have read te article before Those who have some time read my blog I want to let them know that even long back I had maximum hits on my blog because of her name .what ever be the reason on that she has a set of people who follow her relegously with her this level of fan following I guess she is planning to run into Indian Politics and I bet she has good chances even to win that.

Rakhi Branded her self

The stage when because of your name you will give benefit to others too. And here comes the girl because of her name being associated she got her mom into BiGBOSS and she survieved what ever she could have on her own guts .

Then the list is not small those who got benifited from her name I some how feel that Rakhi sawant is a One women army one who could let any thing run on Indian TV channels She is the queen elijabeth of Indian television ..and the interesting fact is almost the 80% people I know they are in her hate club and still she is non stop rocking the shows she has been a part of 2 dance shows and undubtly was gud and again has improved a lot . 2 women in the industry I extremely admire for getting  to  know the nerves of Indian audiences in and out are Ekta kapoor and Rakhi Savant .They two have more of the critique club than fan club but ill name also has name in it 😉  so fame or no fame they both are the business women 😀

both of them cater the masses of India and they talk about people but again I feel the achievements of rakhi could be ranked more as on the scale she has no family back up or learning of this saught she plays her own startegy and thats working she knows very well what will be the impact on audiances of what she has said. Yes she projects her self from the masses and who has earned out on her own and in the case all of the others have failed who have tried to follow the same model.

Her TV screen success story starts up  in  Year 2006 with Big Boss followed by Nach Baliye 3 in 2007 Then 2009 was her year with Rakhi Ka Swayamwar & Pati, Patni Aur Woh and now in 2010 she barges the screens  with Rakhi Ka Insaaf.Now you can see her hosting in Ajab Desh ki ajab kahani in addition to various judging events

What makes her ICON

  1. She  Speaks of her   mind. But most of the other times, uses loaded words to titillate people and hog attention. Needless to say that every stuff is well complimented by her expressions
  2. She is  confident, and manages to show her over confident side to public
  3. Handles  media and manage media give them the best scoop possible and rest is all what public handles
  4. For those who say she is all about publicity she keeps doing charity without opening her tactful mouth on it .

Her claim to fame has been endless exposure. She is a brand. She is brazen, believes in herself, never wanted to be known as a sati savitri but still holds the KEY to the TRP and channels will keep hiring her till public gets bored by her masala 😉


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