Chanakya Vs Chandragupta Maurya

Remember the days when people used to glue to the TV sets and wouldn’t have minded going to some one’s house to watch the tele soap  . Yes india had few legendry serials like Ramanand sagar’s ramayan; BR Chopda’s Mahabharat and Chanakya,  Vikram and Vetal

All the mentioned above still have the capability to hold people till date even after a decade or two and those who haven’t been in the era can still hear people praising and comparing them with the new ones.

Thill now you must have guessed that  in no cases Im comparing the 2 legends iam just talking about the 2 tele serials here.

NDTV has started up a new venture named chadragupta maurya.Both of them on the same set of people just the eyes will be different one was from the perspective of Chankya the greatest professor of the time and other is from the eyes of Chandragupt maurya the disciple of chankya bound to conquer and rule India.


And since I didn’t wanted to miss story from any angle So I have seen the Old Chankya series again where as iam following the Chandragupta maurya on TV so here is the quick comparison I fond:-

  1. What ‘CHANKYA’ missed ‘CHANDRAGPT MAURYA’ captured the prior one hasn’t showed the way the professor/guru  has trained the disciple about the life and what is the origin of the principles. which is actually worth to watch for everyone . It’s beautifully captured here where as ‘CHANDRAGPT MAURYA’ till now has missed on origin of Chankya the guru and his troubles. Infact Making of the professor and how and why he have this standing among all.
  2. One thing which really impressed me about the old ‘CHANKYA’ that the actors used were not all known but gr8 to perform their part and every one of them has made the mark in acting carrier till date infact even for a person who came for one episode. That’s the quality expected from the new ‘CHANDRAGPT MAURYA’ too. Yes the lead roles and immediate supports are doing gr8 job  but other than that most of them can perform better.
  3. Now they have created a confusion in mind for old CM (Chandragupt Marya ) he was sold to Chankya by his mama (mothers brother) whereas here he runs out sells himself and have another branch of story in it. Also his mom is now acting as a servant to the king now in new one where as in older one it was not so.
  4. Also I can see that the reason, timing and the way chankya meets chandragupt are   portrayed differently in both
  5. Then I somehow see that this Chandragupta in ‘CHANDRAGPT MAURYA’ have his personal rivalry from the king dhananand  and has revenge in mind where as the older one was dedicated to his Guru ‘wish and his mission was India.
  6. Now in ‘CHANDRAGPT MAURYA’ there is some severe internal professional rivalry for the professor Chandragupta is going on which could be the possibility but
  7. ‘CHANDRAGPT MAURYA’ is jumping to war in 2 early stage he has not yet got his own team developed while ‘CHANKYA’ he was all well set in the team had his own bunches
  8. Now the one thing which is certainly being missed in the new one is the way people lived at that time the culture which made u feel more connected to the era.CM needs to invest some amount on making sets of the villages and houses.
  9. In New one the mother Noora dies rather sacrifices her life while  in the older one she plays a role after the win of chandragupta  wins magadh
Ashish sharma as chandragupt maurya

Ashish sharma as chandragupt maurya

I really wish that ‘CHANDRAGPT MAURYA’ should keep a note of in order to be another legend in history of Indian tele soaps

SO here comes Ashish sharma Playing the role of  Bhiyaya ji turns out to be chandragupt maurya one who could look like Indian Hero 😉 New super hero in making i guess

  • The ‘CHANKYA’ was very neutral in nature as it showed all sides of the political personas and given a clear picture of the heroes of the time in different cities and I strongly insist that directors  should not infect it by the bitchy Strachey acting and scripting.
  • Don’t over modernize or over picturing the things.
  • It is strictly advised that script the episodes to and define the end of series now please don’t make it stretch on the names of TRP it dilutes the effect I have seen it with zhansi ki rani and all.
  • These CG chankya are legendry on their own so have already lot to say on their own so Please don’t over exaggerate the truth. I know some times dramatization is required but please don’t overdo it.
  • Make use of good actors
  • Till date people use the patriotic songs sang in ‘CHANKYA’ in the form of group songs etc and all so it would be good that this generation also provides some to keep a track in future.
  • Dressing /apparels, pictureization  and dialogues are important part of the scheme so none of them should be beyond decency
  • What CG people should do research on the backdrop of the era they use it highly urbanization kind of i see teen shades in some scenes which potrey lack of interest to work on real things of the show.
  • Bottom line is still my first love is old chanakya 😀

Yes iam undoubtly impressed by the character of Chanakya in both or in legend.He is the real star maker so don’t miss the process watch it 😀

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Want to See Chankya : online :

Where as its worth having originals and they are available at all major book stores in cd’s /dvd’s .

For Chandragupta mauraya : Telecast time : 9 pm Friday and Saturday at NDTV India and could also be seen online at :

Added NOTE 12/02/2012 : Timings of  Chandragupt Mayra is changed now it only comes on saturday 9pm to 10.30 pm and not on friday. Since 11 Feb 2012

I badly want to see any production house genuinely dealing with the stories of Panchtantra it will give them the desired wish to run the tele serial at infinite as they wish to do against the TRP’s .Its just that the stories has to be dealt well.Looking forward for great things ahead