In Add world where people are running the cut throat competition their own products cannibalize as well as when they have to compete with competitors in approximate 20 seconds and make them to buy a product worth lakhs then the add becomes the first gateway to the showroom it is the one that at first attracts to the showroom of Car Recently the 2 adds which grabbed my attention making the same point


This one is a GLIMPSE of a pair who turns up and down the shops of the city from 1 corner to other in order to find a perfect footwear for the lady .And Our Amir Ali does it all without any hesitation as this car is so economical and average friendly


Boy gets message that an old friend (GF) is back in the city and asked to meet at SAME PLACE and people keep searching and the guy reaches to her by his Car as “Maruti Suzuki Alto, Apka naya search engine!”

Apparently both cars belong to almost the same segment Though maruti alto starts from 2.33 lakhs and is petrol car while Chevrolet Beat Diesel starts from 4.2 lakhs but both are small size cars promise good average and cost friendliness .invariably selling the same idea of u can travel a lot in car without worry of fuel &/or average . For me running from shop to shop fr what one wants is more common and justifiable rather than tracing a friend who gave a abrupt message so rather then clarifiying it from her or online checking places (which his friends were doing on FB rather than on any search engine ) I consider that as completely stupid decision making sence in the guy ..and all bla bla. In short maruti add not only fails to impress but also is not an impressive enough to drag me to the shop.

Ok now what Maruti could have done to convey the same message to customers The better idea could have been a boy searching his annoyed GF/wife because there u need a search engine which can not be replaced by anyone else . And he finds her that’s Maruti apka search engine Iam precisely not replacing the GF with a kid as this is targeting to the segment of people who have started earning and are single

 Though iam an admirer of maruti service center/ spare part adds but this one is seriously an looser.


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