Bro~Sis bonding in TV Commercials

For a brother and a sister they are the best friend given to them by nature J This is the relationship which grows with time and  a bonding which is so unique in nature So on the any occasion of rakhi/ rakshabandhan /Brother and sisters day .Here iam serving you the few flavors of brother and sister bond  spread in various phases of Life

Brother~Sister bonding in TV Commercials 

Trust me these adds have the power to bring both tears and smiles at the same time. That’s the power of Joy and fun both brother and sister share throughout life time . Haven’t you had any moment in your life when u and ur sister have faught on silly things and had  fun even in loosing because the winning party belong to you J dosent matters if the brother is elder or the sister the love remains intact pure and your own for ever . SO here comes few stories dedicated to all brother and sisters of the world

Surf excel : Daag acche hai

Opps sister fell in mud and how the little brother takes revenge and calms his sister is just touching. This one steals the show by telling how loving and caring a brother is ,the way he makes sure that his sister is happy , isn’t that the very first promise on Rakshabandhan .NO doubt this was an award winning add

Reid and Taylor Brother and Sister Commercial

Teasing and leg pulling ahh No one else in the world can do it better than your brother/sister for you .Some how ! they know you so well that they automatically gain all the authentic rights to do that no matter what be the age group you belong, its just free flow. A relationship, where thank you is communicated through naughty eyes 😉


Cadbury has always been ahead in airing rakshabandhan adds at the right time. Don’t miss the three adds below and see that how they have captured most of the agegroups , sentiments and the fun absorbed in Rakhi ,and worlds most beautiful and trusted relationship of Brother and sister.

Cadbury : Sharart Ghuli re

Fight ,cat and mice races are always part of this bond ,and however strict the parents may be they too love kids jumping with joy of togetherness.  Well actually this add also shows that the price of gift dosent matters for a sister what matters is the time and fun happened with brother.

Cadbury celebrations : Pyar ka Shagun

This one is the least aired add on TV I don’t know why but I loved watching the cute little bro. Some time the younger bro has only little to afford from his pocket for the sister. SO its not all about gift its about missing and caring each other. Well trust me surprises are most appreciated and expected in this relationship 😀

Cadbury celebrations:

Brother and sister relationship is of the Haq , you will never ask a stranger to give me this and that but this is the bond where you have all rights to do so and in fact even fight for it  as it literally means its your birth right to fight 😉

Vodaphone rakhi commercial

There will be the times in school when  what ever be the matter between you two She has made your craft project and you have helped her in the Science one. This is the bond where you know that you will do the work no matter how busy you will be on just few set of please please and “kar de na yaar kyou bhav kha raha hai/rahi hai” or even some times followed by a threat of telling to mom and dad 😉

MetLife TV Commercial SA Asian Rakhi

its all about making each other feel special , where working for other is a pleasure where being there only matters,where the feeling of the bond overrides any other feeling its just about making each other feel worlds best brother and sister. Havent sisters spending time in making rakhi or selecting rakhi at some point of time in your life and no matter what brothers love to flaunt the rakhi as a prized possession of the year.they save it for long as long as they can.

Archies Cards Commercial – Rakhi

And that’s how every emotion turns back to love and care when it is for ur brother, No matter how angry u r .After Chocolates the cards have the direct impact of the festival , however e friendly we become but when it comes to rakhi and a brother far you will give a rakhi by post only most certainly this is the time of year when the cycles of postman need the oiling s.:D

Actually each of these adds make us to pop up with some similar incident in our life too They force you say “you know when we were in ….. we did this …. My brother has given me this ….. My sister has done this for me….” Havent you already started felling loving about the 🙂   Ok my stories some time later till then have a blissful and loving time forever with your dear brother and sister 🙂

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Sony plans to buy ETV’s channels

Sony buys Etv

Sony buys Etv

Yes Sony is going to buy ETV .Sony take control of 11 of the 12 channels in the ETV basket, owned by Ramoji Rao’s Ushodaya Enterprises, Ya the only channel left will be the Telgu one as Mr Rao will not let any one take over the AP Political hold he has because of Enadu Publications.Ushodaya has three divisions, Eenadu Publications, ETV Network and pickles and food company Priya Foods. The group has diversified rapidly into film and TV production and distribution, financial services, garment manufacturing and hospitality. It also owns a 1,600-acre Ramoji Film City.

Well thats quite an move for sony channel (Multi-Screen Media (MSM), which runs Sony Television in India) to be a market entrant after Star Network and ZEE. It means strong action in Channel industry is going to happen.

Just to revise that ZEE is having its own Alpha series which turned out to be Zee Marathi and other regional channels just like Star which proudly owns Star regional channels so Sony must be feeling left out in the market . After all this is the season of deals

Biggest media deal for $500-600 million (around Rs 2,600 crore ) to give Sony a bigger share of regional pie.Indeed this deal will be the deal of decade in India or who knows even in Asia which will overshadow any of the business deals done so far like Disney’s premeditated venture in UTV, Turner’s purchase of NDTV imagine from New Delhi Television and coming together of Viacom and Network18 presently functioning under CNBC Indian version. Wohho so much buying is going on in the market.

Information Source :

Now comes cause and effect of the deals ( Note the views expressed are facts + my analysis so I not being a media expert you can not Quote them 😉 )

  • Currently Sony was landing some where above Colors () and NDTV Imagine and below Zee and Star due to their regional share and this deal will land sony ahead with at least 2-3 regions ahead of Zee and Star who have almost the coverage in 8 regions only.
  • Apart from having a pan-India presence, ETV’s infotainment channels also reach out to Indian diaspora in the US, providing digital entertainment via ETV Telugu, ETV Bangla and ETV Gujarati entertainment channels.And ETV group is the one which on the line of Doordarshan clubs news and entertainment altogether.USP 😉
  • According to a Ficci-KPMG report, regional general entertainment accounts for over 25.06 per cent of the Rs 8,000 crore-plus TV advertising pie with a viewership share of 27.3 per cent.So its a wise move by Sony in all aspects and will indeed be able to take ROI if wisely used
  • Might be Sony is planning to repeat the success story of SAB ( Shree adhikari brothers) now the only channel of its type and in the segment.
  • And why Mr Rao is IN is leaving only Telgu channel out of the pocket Eenadu is a fierce competitor of Sakshi, the newspaper of former chief minister Y S R Reddy’s son, Jagan Reddy. DHAN TA DHAN 😉
  • But the question is will ETV telgu will retain same name or the other regional areas as well?
  • And some how I see lots of cultural differences in the channel operations of ETV grp and Sony group so will this merger be gelled well or not that only time will tell but i guess the employees will be enjoying the Sony status soon.
  • Now what else lets wait for the day when the deal is sealed. 😀
Writers Note:This is the first article on this blog which is on some news because i thought that this one is going to impact Buddhu box . So will say that the analysis done here is mostly my views based on some facts and thus i can say that their intensity can not be diluted just because iam not an media expert ;). And since i keep thinking this way so thought no harm in sharing it with you all so that you can correct me 😀 ~  Happy Reading From Kriti Trivedi