Just Dance with Hrithik Roshan

I will say the USP of this show is the elimination round & the dance videos of HR

To be honest this is the first show i have seen where the judge is contributing / given checqs to every eliminated person from the show. And again i will say this is the first show where i have seen a host saying brother/ sister to one ,sir ji to other one a friend to some , a place where the participants proudly say to a same agegroup actor we are your kid ;). What sells the show is introduction of Hritik as a person to all. Some how if he is faking all that than then he is too good to be an actor , he could be but not 100% any time even if u say all is planned but surly there are few spontaneous moments where you can come as you

The best episode was the family episode where you can see Hritwik dancing talking and giving respect and personel attention to each and every parent and family members and just makes the process interactive with people of all age group,  them with him .I will say as a judge he has done a unique and heart touching job ,

In public shows ,talkshows u get to know the celeb but when you see the person talking and acting without a predefined script (there could be guidelines but no scripts) then you get to know about the real person. Other person who was able to impress me on screen as a real person is Akshay Kumar apart from Sr Bachhan Amitabh… I will say that though these guys are at celb level but still they are really ground to earth and to the level of common man , they crack jokes on topics like we do ,like we do 🙂

About Judges :-

There are 3 Judges in the show  and the good part is that unlike other shows all of them know dancing

Vaibhavi Merchant : http://www.vaibhavimerchant.com/   she has shown her piece of art in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam,Devdas, Baghban, Fida, Dhoom, Veer Zaara, Aaja Nachle and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. etc etc

Farah Khan:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farah_Khan My Name Is Khan,Dabangg Song “Munni Badnaam”,Tees Maar Khan sheela ki jwani and all lot of things in her pocket  http://bollywood501.com/profiles/farah_khan/

Hritik roshan: Dhoom, Krish kaho na pyar hai … and all he has no match in dancing .. even if u remember the coke add .. yes he is a far better dancer then he is as an actor.http://www.hrithikrules.com/

Even though sitting with SO in all the show is judged by 3 dancers who in all know most of the forms and who love and breath dancing unlike some shows where people who judge are either item song hits or actors etc etc

Shows Format ->

Just Dance that has been mesmerising viewers all across the globe with its scintillating dance performances has finally got its top 13 contestants. These top 13 contestants are all set to battle it out to reach the final position. The number of contestants initially was 52 and then the judges zeroed-in on the top 20 and finally the 13 best dancers were selected.

You can know all and vote for all in just dance here http://starplus.startv.in/justdance/

3 judges judge them comment them and bring them in bottom 3-4 and eliminate the one. they even eliminated the elimination if performers were the really amazed them.

the good part of the show is they didn’t fall in the trap of public voting till semifinals so its only dancers judging them, no fake votes and all.

Dancers of Just Dance :- http://starplus.startv.in/justdance/features.aspx?aid=5671&sid=111

Just Dance – Top 21 Contestants Name, Age & City from which top 13 were selected

  • 1.: Jason Tham Age: 21, From: US / Delhi
  • 2. Mehar Malik Age: 22, From: Delhi
  • 3. Trishala Poulose Age: 18, From: Mumbai
  • 4. Anna Kaushik Age: 18 From: Mumbai
  • 5. Abhash Mukherjee  Age: 17, City: Ranchi
  • 6. Rajitdev Age: 25 From: Mumbai
  • 7. Sarmishta Maity Age: 19, City: Kolkata
  • 8. Hitesh Patil Age: 21, From: Mumbai
  • 9. Suhail Bhan Age: 22, From: Gaziyabad
  • 10. Nimeet Kotian Age: 21, From: Mumbai
  • 11. Ankan Sen Age: 17, City: Kolkata
  • 12. Karan Pangali Age: 19, From: UK
  • 13. Sagar Chavan Age: 18, From: Mumbai
  • 14. Soumita Roy City: Kolkata
  • 15. Irfan Sheikh Age: 24, From: Mumbai
  • 16. Swarali Karulkar Age: 19, City: Mumbai
  • 17. Sonali Vishwakarma Age: 16 From: Katni, MP
  • 18.Name: Anjuli Kathryn Bhattacharyya Age: 27, From: US
  • 19. Karan Khanna Age: 24, From: Mumbai
  • 20. Preeti Chafale Age: 22, From: Mumbai
  • 21. Kruti Shah Age: 21, From: US

The episode where top 13 contestants of Just Dance were selected . Abhash Mukherjee, Karan Khanna, Karan Pangali,
Surjeet, Ankan, Irfaan, Rajit, Hitesh have danced their way into the top 13 along with Meher, Soumita, Kruti, Priti and Swarali. Initially only 12 dancers were supposed to be selected as final contestants but the judges on the show were so impressed by the performance of Karan Pangali that they decided to include him as the number 13 finalist

4 semifinalist

They had international participants who were equally treated and dealt even if they were eliminated they were proud to be eliminated to compete with others, falling sick and if u doubt of gaining sympathy etc etc was but for how long 

Yes i see Amitabh , Salman , Sharukh also making audiances comfortable but they are at the post of host of the show so they are bound to do so., Its their Job but being a judge involves head strong and harsh decisions too

I know all the top 13 dancers will be treated as winners because that was the feel of show, Family of dancers where only pure competition is the case. In fact it dosent matters who wins because now 3 of them are wonderful dancers and am sure three of them will make some point in their carrier.  Don’t miss the finale episode 😉 Ankan , Karan or surjeet May the best dancer win!


Grand Finale of Just dance

as if it was flooded with star and star family at just dance  it started up with hritiks entire family grandparents ,parents sister and wife even at award functions u cant see them all .

Then it was Priyanka chopra (PC) and the SHarukh who launched his toy of RaONE there. Point to be noted is that sharuks entry was there on other grand finales on different channels to which includes SA RE GA MA PA @ Zee and India’s got talent @ Colors all at same time and he was able to entertain every one on every channel.Ankan cutely said PC as didi nahi bolunga aapko aaj (i will not call u sister today) aww that must be diffent for priyanka too.

Then it was the dabang girl Sonakshi sinha who is also a BA of India gate baasmati rice and when while announcing winners she said “अब्ब आपको मिलेगा इंडिया गेट बासमती कि तरफ से ….. चावल के ५ बोरे ” no actually they gave 2-3 days stay in paris to ankan for 2 …Poor boy dosent have a GF yet.

Ok Now who won Just Dance is Ankan and even Runner up surjeet gave him a tough competition Surjeet is the one who got entry into the game when one was unable to be a part of competition in initials and he is the one who has shown one among the fastest learning curve.


Officers Choice : Re positioning of Brand

To be honest this is one of the top adds in liquour industry which talk about human values and the choice’s we have before us in our life, whether to take a “patli gali” or stand tall! even at a personal cost. However, the protagonist exhibits his officer like qualities and in the end makes the right choice.

So here they want to take the officer as a metaphor to righteousness bhai kya baat me sach me dum hai ?? 😛

Its more of andar ka officer jagao I dont know weather they are trying to change the image of liquor industry or just trying to create a good will in the homes of people having “Officers choice” 😉

Ex Positioning of Brand : If we see the history of the product we will find that Officer’s Choice, as the name suggests, was a brand that was portrayed to be the preferred choice of naval officers and hence, it was aspirational to the consumer. The brand positioning flowed from this thought and hence the tagline – ‘Challenge Yourself’, was thoughtfully created. The campaign then focused on the daredevilry and bravado of the officers and how they could overcome any challenge, making the consumer feel strong and macho when he chose this brand. Here is the old add.

Repositioning of the Brand : Now if we see for the current market the positioning was old and outdated. consumer today, who did not really look up to naval or army officers now,at least not as much as they used to.So now they are looking for some officer who doesn’t himself thinks of him as who can portray for the brand.

Therefore a re-positioning was devised keeping in mind the Tag line , where the brand would celebrate the officer in each and every one of us and highlights will be the subjects relevant to consumer and exhort him to make the right choice, because he too is an officer.If you could keenly see in the guy driving is also drunk and for sure he is not having this brand 😉

The campaign embodies the aspirations of the common man who wants to be recognised for his deeds. He ensures that he lives up to his moral standards and ethics. He does his duty and would not waver from it. He is truly an officer in real life and the campaign acknowledges his contribution.And thats why in other add the common man is portrayed for him

Here are the glimpses of entire campaign of Officers Choice , Now that called as re positioning

Designed by : Allied Blenders and Distillers Pvt. Ltd. (ABD) i think Director is Prahlad kakkarhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prahlad_Kakkar  but the qualty of paicturization and actors is lower then the average adds . Just to let you know the brand poses growth rate of 33%

well long back when the dalda was not a popular brand i.e inspired of zillions of adds it was not able to make its existence in the market they came up with the tag line “maa ke hatho ka swad” and they gave the respect for the brand among the people so that people can really tell and show off that they have used the Dalda .That was lintas sucess story by alique padmesse

Well now i realized however short i try to write it grows on its own 😉 like form add review it shifted to add positioning in the market 😀