“Mausam” ka mausam kab aaya kab gaya

The ebs and tides of the love story are impinged upon by the outbreak in the late 1980s of militancy in Kashmir Valley, the Ayodhya dispute, the Mumbai serial blasts, the Kargil conflict and the post-Godhra Gujarat riots of 2002.The lovers separate, pine in silence for each other, meet again and part in faraway Scotland, and then finally reunite amid the Gujarat conflagration.
Since the lovers keep meeting and getting separated, it follows the same path every time, making the drama repetitive and even boring.

Its first half is visually scrumptious and eminently watchable; the second is a touch erratic and unconvincing.The nearly three-hour-long Mausam takes eons to arrive at the conclusion of that thematic formulation, but the heartfelt humanist statement that it makes is shot through with honesty and simplicity.

What fails Mausam on Box office :

  • The slow pace of the drama;
  • the inclusion of too many events in the film;
  • lack of emotional appeal;
  • too many coincidences in the lives of Shahid and Sonam.
    Will some one tell me why didnt the Sonap kappor called up to his sister if she had the no actually she was the best coordinate to be followed.
  • Secondly i dont understand how and why the hero keeps coming and escaping from his old house. in the era what they are talking about searching office phone was not that difficult that too for those who have been in scotland
    the biggest drawback of the drama is that the audience feels no pain or sympathy for Harry and Aayat when they are unable to meet each other in spite of their concerted efforts in short either the repetition of events or too much on the happenings description made people …
  • actually when this much of time was spent on happenings around people started to think now something really bad is going to happen and when it doesn’t happens that bad characters miss on the sympathy from viewers.
  • In short movie could have been edited well .. as in editing they were in too much love with movie as if everything was needed.

 Why you can watch Mausam

  • Songs :Its song seem more meaningful and worthy after movie even more melodious too
  • Acting :Acting of leads is good, shahid is playing the role quite well.
  • Dialogues: were beautiful and worth listening in most cases and camera work: of shots is just apt. Frames captured are beautiful.
  • also some moments in the movie are captured beautifully
  • Official Site :http://mausam-thefilm.com/main1.html

Mausam is overlong and tends to meander rather listlessly in parts, but the debutant director deserves plaudits for daring to put a mighty new spin on his cross-community love saga that spans across several tumultuous decades. So Kudos to Pankaj Kapoor on that.

To conclude, Mausam could quite easily have ended up being a stodgy, strenuous and self-conscious drama. Writer-director Kapur, the accomplished actor that he is, orchestrates the emotional ups and downs of his tale with a commendable degree of moderation for the most part. Mausam is certainly worth a viewing on DVD as its less than TV watch watch as u will definitely skip movie due to adds 😉 but better than fully faltu movie but d

Directed by	Pankaj Kapoor
Produced by	Sheetal Vinod Talwar
Sunil Lulla
Screenplay by	Pankaj Kapoor
Starring	Shahid Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor
Music by	Pritam
Cinematography	Binod Pradhan
Editing by	A. Sreekar Prasad
Distributed by	Eros International Media Ltd.
Vistaar Religare Film Fund
Release date(s)	September 23, 2011


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