Dwarkadheesh ~ A tale of Shree Krishna

Dwarkadheesh ~ A tale of shreekrishna as is on ndtv imagine

This is a telesoap after long which is least dramatized in the crowd. This is the only current serial which i will not mind buying the original dvd.This is the only mythological serial I have seen which poses spirituality as logical and sensible , one can easily put in logics and connects it to the happenings of the current era. So couldnt resist writing few praises about this one.

10 things which makes this worthy watching

  1. 100% + on writing of serial  Iam actually impressed by the way writer has understood the character of Krishna and posed in neutral way. Must say that after a real long i have seen some thing on television as least adulterated potrey of a character .Krishna is many time shown as a child but this time he is more explored as himself. I actually feel mesmerized by the character of Krishna like never before.Because i feel telling about krishna while personifying him and maintaining the glory of god and making people fall in love with his every act is extremely tough task which is done so well. Because i strongly believe that the way he logically defined the character will make even those people watch this who dont believe in Krishna as a God or even in any God. Thats the power ..
  2. 100% on Choice of Vishal Karwal  in the lead role of Dwarkadheesh shree krishna is so apt as if he was ment for this role and yes he doesn’t makes you miss nitish bharadwaj the old krishna .He is able to potrey krishna as naughty , sincere ,empathetic ,dramatic ,king, as vishnu in all roles so perfectly. He began his career with Roadies, was seen as lead in Colors’ Bhagyavidhata and Rishton Se Badi Pratha. And must say he took best decision of his life by not entering into big boss this season..
  3. 99% on camera work of shots and editing of the show and picking up the story sequence as the character of Krishna is so vast and so detailed.
  4. 95% scores on not stretching the stories till now. Stories keep going in the right pace and if u miss episode it makes u feel that you have missed some thing in the day. so its worth watching almost every episode.Starting the mahabharata  yug soon so lets see how long they take this .. I just hope the TRP trap shouldn’t make them to stretch the stories like K soaps.Then my scores will go down badly on that one  😉
  5. 90% scores on perfect background scores  and bhajans even the bhajan maestro anoop  jalota makes it so apt .
  6. 80% score on casting other characters, most of them fit the roles aptly and specially loved the choice of kids as sudama and krishna
  7. 80% score on choice of wigs and hairdos especially males , they dont look very fancy or too much out of place and in case if i have to compare with others then will give them additional 10% scores for that.
  8. 85% on dialogues of the serial , though they some times become repetitive but its ok they still make sense
  9. 75% on sets , again sagar bros reutilize them in serials but its ok they are good and light direction is also good.Hey did I said I truly love the mukut of shree krishna best one designed till now. Their makeup artists are also doing well they don’t overdo the makeup which makes it clumsy to look on screen
  10. Unlike most of the mythological serials here equal respect to every god is given like every God is just best in his/her department and they do things for each other like to run a great company CEO’s work in coordination . WIN- WIN for all gods 🙂 .As absence of this feeling actually repelled me from many mythological serials.

Sagar Bros have done a superb job till now , truly commendable .. U will make ur dad proud 😀

Now they have a tricky role to play to be neutral and show the real Krishna in Mahabharat row.I will actually appreciate if they take roles of Mahabharata Pandavas and Kuravs as Gray people rather than plain black and white.Lets see how it turns up.

I know for readers of this blog this must be actually strange that iam not finding any thing to criticize about the show. Sorry i haven’t found any thing non recommendable about this serial. will surely write if i find in future. Till then try to follow read more on the website of ndtv imagine 8pm  on weekdays  http://www.imagine.tv/in/shows/subhome/179/69 also you can follow the episodes http://www.imagine.tv/in/shows/videos/179/69 or myduniya.com etc sites




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