Ra one a Disaster by/ for / of Sharukh

Let me confess that this review cannot be the fullest one as iam trying to watch Ra One since 1 month constantly daily and unable to bear it more than 5-15 minutes still a part of movie is left which iam not in position to complete so its on you iif you want to trust on this review or not

I have to write this quick review to tell that the movie is not bearable and I have no regrets in saying that I enjoyed robot far more than this Ra one so did my nephews.

This one is another one made on the name of villains

I bet sharukh must have seen this movie before premier so he has given all his sweat to at least make people to go in theaters at least once , just enter once that too with family becoz he knew no one from that family will ever come or recommend this to any one.

  • I didn’t liked the way sharukh portrayed the south Indian character I felt it demeaning 😦
  • The double meaning jokes are strictly not for kids
  • In fact the game companies are not run by the way its shown its all so crappy
  • And some how I was so encouraged to cut the extra long sadhna cut hairs of this kid to take glimpse of his real face atleast once 😉
  • The best part of the movie is special effect they are really good of international standards

Iam still unable to find this movie is for which set of target audiences as it fit none and tortured every set of group

So in all I cant even watch it on TV but if you have guts you can try it on TV while I don’t think there is any harm in playing with the toys sharukh launched dancing in every  city 🙂


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