“Arakshan” आरक्षण Is the issue solved by Prakash Jha?

This post i guess is the most obiyous post from me on Arakshan

Movie My TAKE  :Well the focus of the movie is drawn out on coaching classes completely in second half rather than the main issue of reservation i guess this was done by Jha to avoid the tension. Infact i even think that this was a taboo unoffically crated to make a move on Box office. But is the solution completely highlighted ? Is it a justice that every one comes into teaching leaving what all they were doing? Even if you look up as teaching extra as a solution then isnt it  a school oriented issue or rather sylabus design issue that students are unable to complete the studies in school and they need extra aids ? The movie would have ended abruptly if it is not for Hema Malini’s entry . She was required to tell audience that now movie will be logically ending as the problem was not posed with best solution yet. Iam confused on the entire concept of the movie.

But at the same time i will say the movie gives a feel good for the situation hero riegtiously winning at the end of the movie and being respected about. Also at least i can say the problem of reservation is posed in one of the best possible neutral way Well that’s not the only reason for me to like the movie I went to Fun cinemas http://www.funcinemas.com/ to watch the movie  because it has BHOPAL in IT 😀 at least for a while its a craze to watch it.

Oriental Institute of Science & Technology Bhopal 

OIST in Movies

Now what area of bhopal is covered in this the first and formost is the Oriental collage of Engineering & MBA which is owned by Thakral ji and this name has been utilized in the movie as is Shakuntala Thakral (Played by hemamalini) so alll from the corridore , liberary and infact the assembly all is taken from the Orignal collage itself leave the fact that the canteen never looked so beautiful as it does on the silver screen. And the beloved gate where the dance and all was happeneing was the area where students struggled for getting out of the collage or in other words  stood to officially bunk the collage. http://www.oistbpl.com/institute.php?institute=1

Need less to say that arakshan has captured majoroty of the streets of bhopal

Acting :  Saif is good to go , deepika not much scope was their Amitabh bachhan & Manoj bajpai  rocks and the other hero he is the one who i guess was given the bigger chance then he deserved, his acting had no fluency in total but its ok. Manoj bajpai was at par with amitabh . I guess he is being explored by Prakash Zha .

Ahh there is one more person discoverd in this movie Mr.Thakral 🙂 yes the owner of the collage in White safaries in board meeting is the the real owner of Thakral instiitute of Technologies and Oriental Instititute of Technologies

Yes you can see lot many MP iets and especially in bhopali as the janta, liberary students and all bheed 🙂 and this is a praise for them all  good Job 😀

Music :Now if we talk about the music it is good audiable and especially the songs like ek chance to de de meri jaan is the perfect fit for multiple ocassions though their placement in the movie is quite fast ir goes just after every 5-10 minutes you will be faciing the major two songs

In last i will only say Dont miss it on TV and Theatere watch with family 🙂

Just for records its coming on Set Max today 26 Jan 😉


Is “The Dirty Picture” Really Dirty??

Before watching this movie I had thought that Why  nasruddin shah has to look so creepy but now I relize that he was supposed to look that way becoz the life of a male actor in the industry is far more than his female counterpart. He gracefully blends into the background as the ‘Hero’ takes Centre stage. In Industry the male lead  always gets an opportunity to work with girls who have grown up watching their movies in childhood no offences to Amitabh ,Sharukh ,salman ,rajnikant ,vijaykant ,dileep kumar and the list goes on and on you pick the name from any era.

Silk Smitha

The movie is inspired by the life of the late south Indian actress Silk Smitha. Intermittently, real life is far more appealing and compelling than fiction. And a biopic — which attempts to recount a person’s life story or at least the most historically momentous years of his/her life — is most demanding for not just the storyteller/s, but also the actors who bracket together with those films. This is the rise and fall story of a nonentity who turns the biggest sex-symbol in cinema, loosely modeled on the lines of real-life temptresses of the 80s like Silk Smitha and Disco Shanti. Reshma (Vidya Balan) might not have admirable acting abilities but sure knows how to use her sexual charm to her benefit – both onscreen and offscreen. That gives her an easy entry into the cine-world and soon she starts dominating film posters and ruling hearts of her fans.

One relief after a good long to time span I found one movie which was women centric and doing justice  to the topic . Has all masala to make a movie hit with a good story line which makes people draw to theatres else I have rarely seen movies on shoulder of women stay in box office for long .. so kudos to the team.(7 khoon maaf was the last one but priyanka was unable to crack it at box office)

Vidya Balan disappears, she lives, breathes and executes the character it’s Silk that emerges on screen. And though the movie PR machinery may have given one the impression of this film being one of sex and sleaze, it is not. In fact, this subject has been packaged in a sublime manner giving it the respect it deserves and making us wonder what really lies behind the glamour and gloss. It’s not right to pass judgment because you don’t know what the other person is going through, or the circumstances that has brought her to the place she is. How ever we can see the other side of glam industry of which only glimpses will be there in movies.Everyone has a choice, right. But we all make mistakes. And this film is not about glorifying a mistake. Rather, it addresses the plight of an upcoming actress.Last few lines say most of the unsaid part in the movie and seem impact full

But the same people, who make a star out of her, pull her down subsequently. Superstar Suryakant (Naseeruddin Shah) sees this woman as a potential threat to his stardom and decides to clip her wings. Even Ramakant (Tusshar Kapoor), who loves her, ditches her for her indulgence in substance abuse. On the contrary, filmmaker Abraham (Emraan Hashmi), the man who hated her the most, gets attracted towards her.

Rajat Luthra is the one set for punch lines

A film producer, desperately seeking a hit, sees a starlet in the small time but sexy and extremely ambitious girl Reshma. He immediately rechristens her as Silk. She instantaneously renames him askeeda (worm) justifying that keede hi toh banate hain silk (worms produce silk). That smart and symbolic line pretty much sums up the bigger picture behind the dirty picture. The supposedly decent and respectable society is the one that makes a Silk out of Reshma and sex-symbol out of Silk.

Reading between the lines ( some facts movie reviles )

For the character of SILK I will say she was the women who took strong decisions in her life , who as a women has the capability to inspire people around her , who had all right to feel jealous and Even her suside was posed as a part of her strong character  she didn’t wanted to bend for help ,she didn’t asked for help to the director (Imran Hashmi) Yes she did her own set of mistakes but she is not shown guilty of her decisions as they were her own.Comparison b/w priyanka of Fashion and Vidhya of DP will be sheer injustice to both characters . And at some place in mind I feel great that this thought is a product of Ekta Kappor another strong woman in the industry who has the nerves of the common man in India.

~ This movie reminded me of Abrahim Linkon’s saying where he says that your critiques know you the best because they know you far better than the people who praise you.  It can be seen clearly in the movie in form of critique writer “Anju Mahendru ” and director “Imran Hashmi” as they were the people who knew her happiness and sorrows the best.~

Which Equaly sinks in with Kabeer Doha

“Nindak neare rakhiye angan kuti chhaway!

Bin pani sabun bina NIRMAL kare subhay!!”


The super infectious retro beats of Ooh la la replete with all the jhatkas, matkas, jhankaar beats, overzealous panting and Bappi Lahiri-Shreya Ghosal’s enthusiastic delivery instantly transports you to those outlandish times when Jeetendra and Sridevi /Jaya Pradha danced atop giant-sized drums while Holi colours and fifty odd dancers exploded all over the screen. And for once the deliberately corny lines ‘Chua jo tune to, dil ne maari ceeti. Dede in gaalon pe ek pappi meethi, meethi,’ makes perfect sense. 😀 SHreya Ghoshal rocks 🙂

Other songs songs are also ok .

In all The Dirty Picture aims to recreate the era of flesh-obsession in Indian films during the 1980s well I will say the director has practiced and corrected his mistakes from his last movie once upon a time in Mumbai. And Ekta has left no stone unturned in drawing the audiences in theatre used her telesoaps at fullest for this ..well that’s Ekta 😀

What makes me think that this movie has made an impact on audiences in theatre as I found people who were humming the song day in day out “o la la “ now say this seems a sad song now

For sure I believe vidhya balan is going to bang at least best actress awards on critics at least and one will be going for best one liners dialogs to the other ‘hero’ of the film THE dialogue writer Rajat Arora some bold some meaningful and some crazy ones but all can be picked fast 😉 But this doesnt means that this is a family watch movie . This is an Adult watch movie but has a well written script in it.

THE DIRTY PICTURE is in line for a flood of awards. Vidya Balan will walk away with all possible trophies! Now a stolen line 😉 “Yeh ladki aag lagaegi!

Year 2012 “Lie to me” We are ment to lie ;)

“Truth is written on all our faces”

Every move of yours says some thing I bet this is a series will be leaving the viewers to be hypersensitive to every small move of muscles. Lie to me is based on research into what might be called “face reading” done by Paul Ekman, a celebrated psychologist praised for his trailblazing work in translating clues people give when they are lying. He can apparently learn at least as much from a twitch or a blink as even the best detective could deduce from a lengthy interrogation. Tim Roth plays Cal Lightman, a character who seems only very loosely modelled on Ekman, even though he dabbles heavily in the same kind of endeavour — translating “symbolic gestures,” “deception perception,” breathing patterns and many other such clues. I must admit that Roth is very intensive performer who personifies the character with all its cynicism pretty well

In terms of Wikipedia “In the show, Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) and his colleagues in The Lightman Group accept assignments from third parties (commonly local and federal law enforcement), and assist in investigations, reaching the truth through applied psychology: interpreting microexpressions, through the Facial Action Coding System, and body language.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lie_to_Me

Ok let me tell it simple words why you will enjoy watching this series its because what ever they discuss in show about body language and expression you can do hands on them in real life unlike other series where it is written that the stunts are performed under experts guidance 😉 You cannot be Bones, You can Not be Dr Who , You can not be CID 😀 but this series will surely make u up to catch few known and unknown facts

Expressions and habits are universally the same irrespective of minor changes due to cultures of the nation so doesn’t matters you are watching it from which ever part of the world you will get it.

Let’s face it — sometimes, we’ve all wished that we knew what someone was thinking. This show ” emphasized how interesting it would be to read a person’s honesty based on their facial expressions.

A tip from the series “When you’re lying, it’s hard to tell a story backwards”

Well to be honest I don’t remember every thing told on the series after all its too much for my little brain to grasp but still good to hold 😉 Neiither I try to read the expressions on and on because of 2 reasons 1. Iam not expert to comment and 2. I want people to give freedom and I Know ignorance is bliss … hee hee

Some stuff which you will be able to discuss only after watching the show 😉

  • One thing which I found different in this series than others is that the last episode doesn’t makes some promises or an ending which will make you wait for next season
  • And the lead pair are till now just good friends and no love stories are involved between them. As if every other lead show makes the lead pair working to forcefully fall in the love and marriage trap
  • Also in some episodes it is shown that some cases are picked up on personal basis like people involved with the team working in the Light man group as if boss we have no work give some work

My encounter to the series is from the Star World they have telecasted its season 1 & 2 and season 3 was grabbed by me on internet

Viewers In millions No of Episodes  On Air in Year
Season  1 11.06 13 2009
Season  2 7.39 22 2009-10
Season  3 6.71 13 2010-11
Season 4 Awaited on Fox channel
  • In season 1 most of the time they dealt with 2 cases in parallel
  • Seson 2 had some where the theme to show the lightman as an emotional person
  • And in season 3 the theme could be to highlight the grey shades of his personality. One of the main problems with “Lie to Me” Season 3 is that most of the cases are no longer Law Enforcement or Legally Related, yet Dr. Cal Lightman and his Lightman Group are still getting people to cooperate and bullying them when in fact these people are under no obligation at all to give them the time of day.

You can imagine this is the show which prompted me to share this with you all and do the secret promotion of it so its surely worth giving a try .So with this show review in this new year I can say that i will be writing for some English series too. Hey dont miss to share how you liked it.

Beyond this if you develop the deep inclination to move for the field https://face.paulekman.com/face/default.aspx could be the right place to follow

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year ahead.

Best Wishes Kriti