Year 2012 “Lie to me” We are ment to lie ;)

“Truth is written on all our faces”

Every move of yours says some thing I bet this is a series will be leaving the viewers to be hypersensitive to every small move of muscles. Lie to me is based on research into what might be called “face reading” done by Paul Ekman, a celebrated psychologist praised for his trailblazing work in translating clues people give when they are lying. He can apparently learn at least as much from a twitch or a blink as even the best detective could deduce from a lengthy interrogation. Tim Roth plays Cal Lightman, a character who seems only very loosely modelled on Ekman, even though he dabbles heavily in the same kind of endeavour — translating “symbolic gestures,” “deception perception,” breathing patterns and many other such clues. I must admit that Roth is very intensive performer who personifies the character with all its cynicism pretty well

In terms of Wikipedia “In the show, Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) and his colleagues in The Lightman Group accept assignments from third parties (commonly local and federal law enforcement), and assist in investigations, reaching the truth through applied psychology: interpreting microexpressions, through the Facial Action Coding System, and body language.”

Ok let me tell it simple words why you will enjoy watching this series its because what ever they discuss in show about body language and expression you can do hands on them in real life unlike other series where it is written that the stunts are performed under experts guidance 😉 You cannot be Bones, You can Not be Dr Who , You can not be CID 😀 but this series will surely make u up to catch few known and unknown facts

Expressions and habits are universally the same irrespective of minor changes due to cultures of the nation so doesn’t matters you are watching it from which ever part of the world you will get it.

Let’s face it — sometimes, we’ve all wished that we knew what someone was thinking. This show ” emphasized how interesting it would be to read a person’s honesty based on their facial expressions.

A tip from the series “When you’re lying, it’s hard to tell a story backwards”

Well to be honest I don’t remember every thing told on the series after all its too much for my little brain to grasp but still good to hold 😉 Neiither I try to read the expressions on and on because of 2 reasons 1. Iam not expert to comment and 2. I want people to give freedom and I Know ignorance is bliss … hee hee

Some stuff which you will be able to discuss only after watching the show 😉

  • One thing which I found different in this series than others is that the last episode doesn’t makes some promises or an ending which will make you wait for next season
  • And the lead pair are till now just good friends and no love stories are involved between them. As if every other lead show makes the lead pair working to forcefully fall in the love and marriage trap
  • Also in some episodes it is shown that some cases are picked up on personal basis like people involved with the team working in the Light man group as if boss we have no work give some work

My encounter to the series is from the Star World they have telecasted its season 1 & 2 and season 3 was grabbed by me on internet

Viewers In millions No of Episodes  On Air in Year
Season  1 11.06 13 2009
Season  2 7.39 22 2009-10
Season  3 6.71 13 2010-11
Season 4 Awaited on Fox channel
  • In season 1 most of the time they dealt with 2 cases in parallel
  • Seson 2 had some where the theme to show the lightman as an emotional person
  • And in season 3 the theme could be to highlight the grey shades of his personality. One of the main problems with “Lie to Me” Season 3 is that most of the cases are no longer Law Enforcement or Legally Related, yet Dr. Cal Lightman and his Lightman Group are still getting people to cooperate and bullying them when in fact these people are under no obligation at all to give them the time of day.

You can imagine this is the show which prompted me to share this with you all and do the secret promotion of it so its surely worth giving a try .So with this show review in this new year I can say that i will be writing for some English series too. Hey dont miss to share how you liked it.

Beyond this if you develop the deep inclination to move for the field could be the right place to follow

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year ahead.

Best Wishes Kriti



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