“Arakshan” आरक्षण Is the issue solved by Prakash Jha?

This post i guess is the most obiyous post from me on Arakshan

Movie My TAKE  :Well the focus of the movie is drawn out on coaching classes completely in second half rather than the main issue of reservation i guess this was done by Jha to avoid the tension. Infact i even think that this was a taboo unoffically crated to make a move on Box office. But is the solution completely highlighted ? Is it a justice that every one comes into teaching leaving what all they were doing? Even if you look up as teaching extra as a solution then isnt it  a school oriented issue or rather sylabus design issue that students are unable to complete the studies in school and they need extra aids ? The movie would have ended abruptly if it is not for Hema Malini’s entry . She was required to tell audience that now movie will be logically ending as the problem was not posed with best solution yet. Iam confused on the entire concept of the movie.

But at the same time i will say the movie gives a feel good for the situation hero riegtiously winning at the end of the movie and being respected about. Also at least i can say the problem of reservation is posed in one of the best possible neutral way Well that’s not the only reason for me to like the movie I went to Fun cinemas http://www.funcinemas.com/ to watch the movie  because it has BHOPAL in IT 😀 at least for a while its a craze to watch it.

Oriental Institute of Science & Technology Bhopal 

OIST in Movies

Now what area of bhopal is covered in this the first and formost is the Oriental collage of Engineering & MBA which is owned by Thakral ji and this name has been utilized in the movie as is Shakuntala Thakral (Played by hemamalini) so alll from the corridore , liberary and infact the assembly all is taken from the Orignal collage itself leave the fact that the canteen never looked so beautiful as it does on the silver screen. And the beloved gate where the dance and all was happeneing was the area where students struggled for getting out of the collage or in other words  stood to officially bunk the collage. http://www.oistbpl.com/institute.php?institute=1

Need less to say that arakshan has captured majoroty of the streets of bhopal

Acting :  Saif is good to go , deepika not much scope was their Amitabh bachhan & Manoj bajpai  rocks and the other hero he is the one who i guess was given the bigger chance then he deserved, his acting had no fluency in total but its ok. Manoj bajpai was at par with amitabh . I guess he is being explored by Prakash Zha .

Ahh there is one more person discoverd in this movie Mr.Thakral 🙂 yes the owner of the collage in White safaries in board meeting is the the real owner of Thakral instiitute of Technologies and Oriental Instititute of Technologies

Yes you can see lot many MP iets and especially in bhopali as the janta, liberary students and all bheed 🙂 and this is a praise for them all  good Job 😀

Music :Now if we talk about the music it is good audiable and especially the songs like ek chance to de de meri jaan is the perfect fit for multiple ocassions though their placement in the movie is quite fast ir goes just after every 5-10 minutes you will be faciing the major two songs

In last i will only say Dont miss it on TV and Theatere watch with family 🙂

Just for records its coming on Set Max today 26 Jan 😉



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