Tata Docomo :a Tribute to Bhopal

This Add took me into flashback : almost 5 years back when I reached South india in Chennai. Being a north Indian you are quickly identified and people ask you about your native

People:  you are from which city ?

Me: Bhopal

People: Bombay / Mumbai … or mubaiyaaa some times Delhi used to be another closest guess

Me: Noooooooooo its Bhopal

People: Some people felt awkward that they are still unable to understand if the place is in India or … Then they say ohh is it in UP ? And then again I used to say No its Bhopal capital of MP. Then only some generous people used to say No we are not so well versed with the cities in North

Else I used to wonder is Pronouncing Bhopal So tough!!! Or some times leave it how does it matters if they think iam from Delhi or Mumbai or even some TIMBAK TU how does it matters.

And there comes the new add of Tata Docomo Dedicated to all Bhopal’s where they Said Bhopal almost 4-5 times in 30 seconds of add  I guess that’s enough to get registered in public’s mind and in particular all tear 2 cities people  like me who sometimes fight  for the identification of the our beloved cities like lucknow Kanpur indore Jabalpur etc etc ( I would not say that every case was same some were smart too or Google Smarts but its ok now)

Ok  for those who are wondering what this Jalebi script is ? or what is written They have taken a city named : gudur .

So the target Audience is Clear : People who find themselves in strange cities ( like jobs or official trips or short term postings , Travelling etc  as well as locals of  In particularly AP/TN/Kerala/Karnataka .Network is their strength in TN but not in AP so they are looking for that.And rest who can connect themselves to it

Concept: Again I will say they have chosen such a common anxiety among public when they travel alone to a different city and especially when they are not so much of frequent traveller. Almost every one of us who has ever travelled alone must have faced the biggest fear of travelling that we will miss the designated stop and that’s exactly what happens with the person when his worst fear comes true. So Projecting even when most unexpected happens to you Docomo NW is with them 🙂

Well Add quality and formulation is ok so will not say that it’s a wow add or unique concept or amazing presentation but it just conveys the message

I understand that writer has understood MP culture so completely that the guy asks the simal aged lady as “auntiji Bhopal kab ayega” 😉 OMG thats too bhopali

Some where my heart Says Thank you for bringing Bhopal in Add so prominently 😉


Desi Boys ;)

Story is simple without hassels yes it means it still has story lines unlike the ones we saw in recent times

Two friends, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham, find themselves jobless due to the economic downturn. To tide over the difficult times and to fulfil the dreams of their loved ones, they turn to the oldest profession in the world.

Emotional scenes are a bit hurried; some scenes are repetitive in the second half; climax looks a bit incomplete. Akshay seems to move out now in

The story, penned by Rohit Dhawan,the new feather in David dhavan family  is quite fresh as topics such as recession and friendship have not been used the way they have been in this film. Also, the two main male protagonists of the drama turning to the profession of male escorting is a new twist in the tale.

SO a kinda boyish film with emotional stint in it there are lot many ways this movie can be maid better but its ok You can wait and watch this movie once it comes on TV. Also if you are planning to team up with your gang then go ahead you can watch it there too.

Dont know if Girls in ones life will be ready to accept this as profession but iam sure of one female who will not be happy and that will be the MOM 😀 hee hee whats say

Catch Supernaturals with Dean and Sam Winchester

Now that I have realized that I have flair towards the ghostly and all non normal fantasy serials After Heroes and x files now it’s supernatural.

Well as the name suggests this serial is all about the SUPERNATURALS exist in US(till now) but the research is taken worldwide and all known and unknown names are being used for the same.

About the Show:

On broader view I will say this is the story about 2 brothers who were trained to be Hunters (who hunt supernatural’s Ghosts, Jhinns, witches, vampires , ware wolfs etc etc ) and with their own story which turns out to be bigger plans as the story unfolds .

Some insight on Lead Characters :

Dean Winchester:

Jensen Ackles

Dean : Jensen Ackles

Role Played by : Jensen Ackles. (Ridge Canipe – child Dean)

About Persona: From an early age, he was trained by his father John Winchester to hunt down and kill things of the supernatural. However, unlike his brother Sam, he shows no resentment toward his father for being “raised like a warrior.” He seems to prefer “the hunt” to the possibility of a normal life in the beginning. He is Protective and caring about his brother Sam though has a shield where he doesn’t lets any one to enter emotionally .Kind of avoid all emotional talks type person. He is the one who will use humour easily flows out of his persona.

More Details :  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dean_Winchester

Sam Winchester:

Jared Padalecki

Sam : Jared Padalecki

Role Played by : Jared Padalecki(Alex Ferris – child Sam & Colling Ford as Child/teen sam )

About Persona: Sam is different from his older brother in that he is sensitive, rational, more innocent, and used to be more concerned with living a “normal  life” than his brother; in spite of this, it is obvious that he would do anything for Dean. He rebelled against his father’s attempts to raise him as a demon hunter and enrolled in Stanford University after having a harsh fight with his father. SO what takes him to become hunter His mother,Mary Winchester was killed by a demon.Hi father,John Winchester now has an obsession of finding the thing that killed her.John then goes missing and Sam is picked up by his brother Dean winchester to help find him.after they return Sam’s friend Rebecca,loses her friend the same way Mary died.When Rebecca’s friend dies he leaves Stanford. Sam looks up to Dean in many ways and sometimes adopts some of Dean’s mannerisms. Over the years, Sam has given up on the idea of a normal life, and has accepted that he is a freak.He becomes more rational with ongoing seasons. Inspite of differences in openions with his bro he turns out to be an obedient brother

More  Details  :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Winchester

 Well you might feel few questions all the way in series season after season till you decide to let them go

Some unanswered Questions on Supernatural

  • How the hell they make their living?
  • How they manage to travel all on cars that too no snow anywhere so what they do in hibernating period 😉 At least till Season II one episode some flakes are there
  • Rock salt guns etc etc. seems dam funny, always salt and holy water MAN|| with this speed I have to keep Ganga  Jal with me to keep sprinkling 😉
  • Where they keep their cloths as their trunk is filled with all guns and gases which were not caught by till now
  • They make you realize that US also people can do frauds easily fake ID’s etc etc and never getting caught 😀
  • Why no one has ever thought donating them some money 😉 to account or some property ? 😉
  • Whats their dad doing all the time when he is not there i guess he had more of his hunting carrier than the boys. 😀
  • They make you realize that its not Army /Police etc who make us safe its these bunch of selfless hunters who are sacrificing a lot to keep the earth safe .Indeed a noble thought 😉
  • Now a million $ question what will happen if they will come to India 😉 Your views are most invited.

Why You will Watch Supernaturals 

Honestly speaking if you go for logics you will prefer going with x files that has reasonably more argumentative logics but then when you see the bonding of brothers and the emotional content with worthy  acting on charming faces you override your logic’s.

You even know that they are just some good work done on special effects which can seem repetitive but not the music which makes you feel that’s it !!!  It getts better season by season.

I will say that Supernatural’s is catchy and you will like watching it. The good point is that story has little room to play out and the personal story is great. Well with season 1 you have to be patient to watch until some half of the season at least to be connected to characters and have some good gripping stories then you will move to the seasons on its pace.

Its all the emotional drama (including ghosts ) you accept the brothers as is in spite of they being different but united in their unique ways make you like the episodes and nevertheless the variety of ghosts and concepts to end them . Might be funny not only the daemons but also the way of treating them if you put logic but there is something which can bind you to series try it out on your own

You can actually see onscreen how the bonding between the two characters grow up with the growth of series as I guess the bonding off screen would also have emerged well

  • Season 1 concept  is Finding dad & Revenge
  • Season 2 is about Saving Sam and Killing Demon Yellow Eyed
  • Season 3 is about Demon Gate and Saving Dean
  • Season 4 is about Angels 😉
  • Season 5
  • Season 6
  • Season 7

How to Watch it