Desi Boys ;)

Story is simple without hassels yes it means it still has story lines unlike the ones we saw in recent times

Two friends, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham, find themselves jobless due to the economic downturn. To tide over the difficult times and to fulfil the dreams of their loved ones, they turn to the oldest profession in the world.

Emotional scenes are a bit hurried; some scenes are repetitive in the second half; climax looks a bit incomplete. Akshay seems to move out now in

The story, penned by Rohit Dhawan,the new feather in David dhavan family  is quite fresh as topics such as recession and friendship have not been used the way they have been in this film. Also, the two main male protagonists of the drama turning to the profession of male escorting is a new twist in the tale.

SO a kinda boyish film with emotional stint in it there are lot many ways this movie can be maid better but its ok You can wait and watch this movie once it comes on TV. Also if you are planning to team up with your gang then go ahead you can watch it there too.

Dont know if Girls in ones life will be ready to accept this as profession but iam sure of one female who will not be happy and that will be the MOM 😀 hee hee whats say


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