Tata Docomo :a Tribute to Bhopal

This Add took me into flashback : almost 5 years back when I reached South india in Chennai. Being a north Indian you are quickly identified and people ask you about your native

People:  you are from which city ?

Me: Bhopal

People: Bombay / Mumbai … or mubaiyaaa some times Delhi used to be another closest guess

Me: Noooooooooo its Bhopal

People: Some people felt awkward that they are still unable to understand if the place is in India or … Then they say ohh is it in UP ? And then again I used to say No its Bhopal capital of MP. Then only some generous people used to say No we are not so well versed with the cities in North

Else I used to wonder is Pronouncing Bhopal So tough!!! Or some times leave it how does it matters if they think iam from Delhi or Mumbai or even some TIMBAK TU how does it matters.

And there comes the new add of Tata Docomo Dedicated to all Bhopal’s where they Said Bhopal almost 4-5 times in 30 seconds of add  I guess that’s enough to get registered in public’s mind and in particular all tear 2 cities people  like me who sometimes fight  for the identification of the our beloved cities like lucknow Kanpur indore Jabalpur etc etc ( I would not say that every case was same some were smart too or Google Smarts but its ok now)

Ok  for those who are wondering what this Jalebi script is ? or what is written They have taken a city named : gudur .

So the target Audience is Clear : People who find themselves in strange cities ( like jobs or official trips or short term postings , Travelling etc  as well as locals of  In particularly AP/TN/Kerala/Karnataka .Network is their strength in TN but not in AP so they are looking for that.And rest who can connect themselves to it

Concept: Again I will say they have chosen such a common anxiety among public when they travel alone to a different city and especially when they are not so much of frequent traveller. Almost every one of us who has ever travelled alone must have faced the biggest fear of travelling that we will miss the designated stop and that’s exactly what happens with the person when his worst fear comes true. So Projecting even when most unexpected happens to you Docomo NW is with them 🙂

Well Add quality and formulation is ok so will not say that it’s a wow add or unique concept or amazing presentation but it just conveys the message

I understand that writer has understood MP culture so completely that the guy asks the simal aged lady as “auntiji Bhopal kab ayega” 😉 OMG thats too bhopali

Some where my heart Says Thank you for bringing Bhopal in Add so prominently 😉



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